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Classic Collection Jewelry Safes

Luxury Features
  • Exterior color options (matte black, matte parchment, or upgrade to high gloss choices in ivory, onyx, burgundy, titanium metallic, platinum metallic, or chocolate metallic)
  • Lock, handle and interior knob finish options (chrome, brass)
  • Exotic wood options for interior chest (bubinga, curly maple, walnut, cherry, mahogany, zebra)
  • Customized drawer interiors
  • Necklace rack option (available on JS-C34 & JS-C60D models)
Security Features
  • 3 1/2 ” thick door with 1/2″ plate steel
  • 2 5/8″ thick body with 1/8″ outer and inner steel plates
  • Unique proprietary fire and burglary resistant core in both door and body
  • Massive 1″ diameter solid steel locking bolts
  • Full length dead bar locking deep into body
  • 1/4″ heavy duty carburized hardplate
  • Heavy duty ball bearing steel hinges
  • Recessed anchor bolt hole
  • UL listed high security lock options (mechanical tumbler, digital or biometric)
  • UL listed for residential burglary protection
  • Successfully passed UL fire test
  • For Security Features of the JS-C54 and JS-C60 see the corresponding product pages
Our Classic Collection Jewelry Safes provide trustworthy burglar and fire protection with handcrafted jewelry drawers for your fine jewelry and watches. They include customizable black velvet lined drawer inserts and if desired, elegantly displayed Wolf programmable watch winders. Most models offer options for LED downlighting, necklace racks, file drawers and even dedication plates.

Each safe carries the UL label providing internationally recognized third party verification of the burglar protection it provides. Most include independently verified 1 or 2 hour fire protection and we have a TL15 Stealth option that fits in tighter locations by not including the fire resistant layer. UL certified high security locks provide security and access, choose from the popular and easy to use Type 1 electronic lock or the traditional Group 2 mechanical lock with traditional tumbler.

This Collection is a step above the Value Collection in luxury and degree of customization available. If you are looking for something more elegant check out our Gemstone Collection safes found on the Casoro website.


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