AMSEC WS1014 Heavy Duty Wall Safe - Maximum Security Safes

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AMSEC WS1014 Heavy Duty Wall Safe – Maximum Security Safes

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AMSEC WS1014 Standard Features

• UL Group II Key Changeable Lock
• 3/16″ Thick Solid Steel Plate Door with Dead Bar
• Fits Between 16” Wall Studs


• 1 Year Parts & Labor


AMSEC WS1014 Wall Safe with UL Group II Mechanical Lock

Wall safes are a great way to discretely secure small valuables. We like the WS1014 for the its’ high quality mechanical lock. This lock overcomes the downfall of many wall safes, most have a lower quality lock that provides significantly less security and reliability.

AMSEC has solved both these problems by incorporating the UL Group II mechanical dial lock. The Group II lock includes a relocker and 1 million possible combinations. Plus, no worries with keeping track of batteries or keys.

The reason quality locks are rare on wall safes is twofold, an effort to keep the cost down and the need to keep the safe low profile. While most quality locks project out from the door of the safe at least 1-1/2”, AMSEC has ingeniously developed this UL Group II mechanical lock to be flush. This low profile allows a wall hanging to hide the existence of the safe.

The quality of the WS1014 safe is further enhanced by the 3/16” thick solid steel door. The thicker the steel the more difficult it is to penetrate the safe. Add to that the piano hinge, dead bar and convenient shelf and you have quality wall safe.

Like most wall safes, the WS1014 fits in the 4” wall depth, between 16” studs. It is easy to install using the pre-drilled holes. The built-in flange hides any uneven drywall cuts and there is no replastering or repainting needed.

Got questions? Our Safe Experts would be happy to assist you by phone. Give us a call at 800.538.0600.


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