Hollon PM-1814 – UL TL-15 Burglary & 2 Hr Fire Safe, On Sale!

Hollon PM-1814 - UL TL-15 Burglary & 2 Hr Fire Safe, On Sale!

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Price : $2,193.00 $1,499.00

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Standard Features

• UL Listed TL-15 Burglar Rated Safe
• 2 Hour Fire Resistant Factory Tested at Temperatures up to 1750⁰F
• Special Design Burglary Resistant Handle
• Group 2M UL listed S&G dial or EMP Resistant Type 1 S&G Spartan D-Drive Electronic Lock
• Glass Re-locker
• Hard Plate
• One Adjustable Shelf
• Bolt Down Hole (5/8″ Inside Diameter)
• Highly Compressed Proprietary Concrete Mixture
• Finish in Battleship Gray


• Lifetime against burglary and fire
• 1 year on all parts and labor and 2 years on replacement parts including electronics


At 25” high and approximately 19” wide and deep the PM-1814 is a great size safe. Fits just enough without being too big for most locations. And this safe provides true peace of mind. It is a legit “high security” safe at a great price. TL-15 burglar rating means this safe has successfully denied sophisticated attacks by UL experts using sledgehammers, pick axes, crow bars, pry bars, chisels, grinders, power saws and drills.

In addition, the PM-1814 provides 2 hours of fire protection. In a factory test the interior of the safe stayed below 350⁰F for two hours in external temperatures reaching 1750⁰F. For perspective, paper chars at around 415⁰F so your cash and documents are safe for a good two hours. Jewelry and coins are fine for much longer.

We stock the PM-1814 with an easy to use S&G Spartan D-Drive electronic lock. This lock is EMP resistant giving you access to your safe in the worst of situations. You set your own 6-digit combination and can change it at any time desired.

Hollon includes a specially designed burglar resistant handle as well as glass re-locker and hard plate behind the lock. Between the layers of steel in both the body and the door resides a thick layer of highly compressed proprietary concrete material. This safe is built like a tank!

The floor of the PM-1814 has a pre-drilled bolt down hole that we highly encourage you to take advantage of. Though at 620 lbs. it is unlikely it will be carried out taking every additional precaution is recommended.


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