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KSB5928EXSO Gun Safe by Rhino – RSC Burglar + 60 Min Fire

Price : $1,509.00

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Burglar Protection
• Certified with UL as a Residential Security Container
• Meets or exceeds California DOJ acceptable gun safe standards
• Thick 2.75mm steel composite door and body
• UL Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock
• Three hardened steel plates protect the lock from drill attacks
• Spring loaded re-locker keeps safe secure if lock is tampered with or removed
• Large door bolts (1” diameter), 2-sided protection (8 door bolts total)

Fire Protection
• A full 60 minutes of protection at 1400°F
• Advanced protection with 3 layers of 12mm fireboard in the ceiling, 2 layers on the walls, floor, and door
• Heat activated door seal expands up to 7 times its size which seals the door edge to help keep out heat and smoke

Style and Function
• Holds up to 20 long guns & 4 handguns
• External dimensions: 59″H x 28″W x 20″D (not including handle)
• 485 lbs.
• 3-spoke vault style handle
• Factory Installed 6 gun Swing Out Gun Rack
• 6 Rifle Rods
• Deluxe door organizer standard for more storage options
• Plush adjustable shelving and interior walls
• Factory installed USB equipped electrical outlet

• Limited Lifetime Warranty – Defects in Workmanship, Material, and Damage by Burglary and Fire
• 1 Year – Commercial or Industrial Use
• 5 Year – Locks and Electronic Keypads
• Warranties Extend to Original Purchaser Only


The KSB5928EX is the smallest gun safe in Rhino Metal’s Kodiak Strongbox Series. This safe looks as tough as the protection it provides. The antique styling and swing out gun rack are sure to catch your eye, this is not just your run of the mill safe. But even more important is the rock solid construction that protects your valuables from burglary and fire.

Lock em’up and rest easy, this safe is certified with UL for Residential Security Container and meets or exceeds California DOJ requirements for a Firearms Safety Device. It is built strong with thick 2.75mm steel composite door and body and sports an easy to use Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) Listed commercial grade Type 1 electronic lock. The lock is protected from drill attacks by a 3 hardened steel plates. And, if the lock is tampered with or removed the spring loaded re-locker goes into action and locks up the safe.

The electronic lock is easy to use, once you have used this you will never go back to the old fashioned tumbler style mechanical lock. You set your own 6-digit code and can change it at will. The lock is powered by a single 9-volt battery located in the keypad for easy access when it’s time to be replaced. Battery life is typically 1 year but varies based on use. Be sure to use Energizer or Duracell batteries dated at least 4 years in the future.

The KSB5928EX is rated for a full 60 minutes of fire protection at 1400⁰F. This advanced protection is provided by three layers of 12mm fireboard in the ceiling, 2 layers on the walls, floor and door. In addition, the safe has a heat activated door seal that expands up to 7 times its size in heat sealing the door edge to keep out heat and smoke.

The KSB5928’s swing out gun rack will change your life! This new feature makes it so much easier to access your guns. No more taking everything out to get to the one in the back, just swing out the rack and they are all easily within reach. The racks themselves have flexible cushioned butt & barrel rests. Guns can be put in either butt up or butt down. Below the swing out rack is open space for storage. The KSB5928 holds up to 20 long guns and 4 handguns. The door is equipped with pistol pockets to further organize and expand the use of your safe. There is also a factory installed power panel with 3 electrical outlets and two USB passthroughs.

Order this safe today so you can be enjoying it soon. We can arrange shipping and if you are local to us in Southern California, we can deliver it right into you home, set it in place and bolt down if desired.


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