Used AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe

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Used AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe

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Used AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe Standard Features

• Heavy duty steel body, 3/16” solid steel plate door and flange.
• Extra spacious interior, while still offering the convenience of fitting between studs.
• LCD touch screen display shows low-battery indicator, time, date and keypad.
• Dual live bolts ensure protection against pry attacks.
• Two removable shelves.
• Cream colored, durable powder coated finish


AMSEC WEST2114 Heavy Duty, Easy to Use Wall Safe

AMSEC’s WEST2114 is one of our better quality wall safes. It has a heavy steel body and a recessed 3/16” solid steel plate door.

The lock batteries are located inside the safe. In case you miss the low battery warning and the batteries run out while the safe door is closed you can use the emergency override system. There is a hidden key lock that comes with two keys. Keep your keys in a safe place, OUTSIDE the safe. The WEST2114 also comes with a power override battery box that offers convenient outside-of-safe battery power to get you inside.

The WEST2114 is attractively and durably powder coated a cream color. It has an extra spacious interior with two removable shelves.

As with most wall safes the WEST2114 fits between standard 16” spread studs in the 4” depth of a standard wall. It is designed for easy installation including a heavy steel flange that covers any uneven cuts in the drywall meaning no need for paint touch ups or replastering after install.


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