Used V-Line QV41214 Wall Safe

Used V-Line QV41214 Wall Safe

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Used V-Line Quick Vault QV41214 Wall Safe

• Two used QV41214 available
• California Department of Justice compliant for securing firearms
• Genuine Simplex 5-button quick access mechanical lock with 1081 possible combinations
• 14 gauge steel
• 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover, adds strength to lock bolt
• Lock bolts directly through the inner frame to prevent prying
• Recessed door and internal anti-pry brackets for added security
• Continuous hinged welded at one end to prevent pin removal
• No batteries to change or keys to use
• Easy to install, flush between wall studs
• Textured semi-gloss powder coated exterior in ivory


V-Line Quick Vault QV41214 Wall Safe

The Quick Vault QV41214 Wall Safe is a convenient and discrete way to secure small valuables. It takes zero space and fits flush with the wall for a clean, finished look. Small enough to be out of sight and yet large enough to hold handguns, wallets, jewelry and other small valuables. We like the easy to use Simplex mechanical push button lock.

The Simplex lock combines the reliability of mechanical with the ease of use of push button. You set your own combination and can change it at will. It’s a great solution with no batteries or electronics to fail and no keys to fall into the wrong hands.

The door of the Quick Vault is inset to provide a flush installation so it can be easily covered with a picture or other wall hanging. The inset nature of the door is also a security feature, making it more difficult to pry open. The heavy inner steel frame adds to the pry protection.

The interior of the Quick Vault Wall Safe comes with one shelf providing efficient use of the space.

The Quick Vault meets the requirements of the California Department of Justice for securing handguns. While most wall safes, and this one in particular, are not designed for securing high value items they will stand up to a light attack.

The Quick Vault fits in the 4” wall depth, between 16” studs. It is easy to install using the pre-drilled holes and included lag bolts. The built-in flange hides any uneven drywall cuts and there is no replastering or repainting needed.


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