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Trouble with your electronic lock? Good news: the solution is usually a quick and easy fix! This troubleshooting guide will walk you through the process.

FIRST: Most electronic lock issues are due to battery condition. Poor quality or old batteries do not supply enough power to the lock for proper function. First step will always be to ensure you are using good batteries. Go and purchase NEW Duracell or Energizer batteries from a high volume battery seller (not your local convenience store on the corner). Once you have done this, if your lock is still not working, read down through this guide and try the possible fixes.

1. No sound or lights when keys are pressed, keypad appears dead
  • Not enough power getting to lock
  • Disconnect batteries from keypad and reconnect
  • Replace batteries with fresh Energizer or Duracell 9-volts
2. Lock seems to work properly, beeps and LED flashes with each key press, but safe does not open
  • Low battery
  • Bolts are putting pressure on the lock
  • safe contents putting pressure on bolts
  • Poor connection between keypad & lock
  • Replace batteries with fresh Energizer or Duracell 9-volts
  • Move handle to fully locked position, enter combo again
  • While firmly pressing safe door closed, enter combination
  • Remove keypad, unplug telephone cable, rub end with rubber eraser, reconnect & replace keypad
3. When pressing “C” (or 1st number of your combination) lock beeps rapidly several times
  • safe is in lock out mode
  • Wait 20 minutes and enter correct combo. If incorrect combo is entered the safe will go back into lock out mode
4. Keypad does not beep and LED does not light up when one number of combo is pressed
  • Low Battery
  • Keypad is bad
  • Replace batteries with fresh Energizer or Duracell 9-volts
  • Replace keypad
5. Lock opens intermittently when using valid combination
  • Connection between keypad and lock is loose
  • Connection between batteries and keypad is loose
  • Keypad is bad
  • Unplug telephone cable from safe and replug
  • Unplug connector cable to batteries and replug, be sure connection is tight
  • Replace keypad


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