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Shep Bryan, owner of Maximum Security Safes, has owned our Santa Ana shop since 1994. (Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG)
South American Theft Rings in Southern California – How To Protect Your Valuables
(Photo by Leonard Ortiz, Orange County Register/SCNG) Perhaps by now you've heard, there's a rampant South American Theft Ring wrecking ...
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Bank Deposit Boxes, Not as Safe as You Thought!
Did you know that there are no rules or laws requiring banks to reimburse customers if valuables in their “safe” ...
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DIY Valentine’s Gifts
Sometimes life gets crazy and you don’t realize it’s Valentine’s Day until you look at your phone and see it ...
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Carry on Kahr P380 Micro Compact Pistol
Before, big guns were all the rage. People carried big guns with lots of bullets. Later on, they realized doing ...
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All is Not Lost in the Flames with an AMSEC Fire Safe
If inspiring stories like this don’t cause you to run out right now, and invest in a quality fire safe, ...
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Mechanical Meets Electronic in the Redundant Lock
Best of Both Worlds! What if you didn’t have to choose between the reliability of a mechanical lock and the ...
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‘The View’ Argues Pro-Gun Ownership For Women
Who would have guessed that three out of the four women on ‘The View’ episode Tuesday, July 29 would be ...
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Top 10 Gun Blogs to Follow
Looking for up to the minute news on what’s going on in the gun world? From new laws to firearm ...
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How To Secure a Safe in an Apartment
So, you’re renting an apartment and you have a hunch that your landlord won’t be too keen on you drilling ...
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