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If inspiring stories like this don’t cause you to run out right now, and invest in a quality fire safe, we don’t know what will! When Southern California fires raged across the Carlsbad area in May 2014, Anya and her family had no choice but to rely on the reputation of AMSEC’s trusted fire safes and pray for the best. *Spoiler alert – AMSEC’s fire safe and everything in it survives the fire, unharmed, but you should really hear the story in Anya’s own words:

“The fire at times reached 60 feet in height and the hot winds blew it so fast at my parents’ house that the firemen couldn’t do anything to stop it.  My parents were at my aunt’s house and my brother who was living with my parents at the time was at work. I was also working, so by the time we got to their house everything was ash. There was absolutely nothing saved. We all started to cry. All our memories, photos of us, everything was gone. Then my dad yelled “the safe is still standing!” We opened the safe and all my parents important papers, birth certificates, wedding rings, etc. were saved! We couldn’t believe it! In the entire house the safe was the only thing not burned to the ground.

My family and I couldn’t thank you enough. We recommended a fire safe to everyone we know. Your fire safe put a smile on our faces, we thanked The Lord at least something survived. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!”

Not only do AMSEC fire safes stand up to the test, on top of that, AMSEC safes are warrantied. So, if a fire like this one ever wrecks havoc on your home, you can rest assured that not only will your valuables be safe, but AMSEC will also replace your fire-damaged safe with a brand new one. What do you have to lose? Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst is a cliché, but for good reason! Anya’s story would have had a tragic ending if it were not for her family’s quality fire safe.

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