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  • Hallon HS-310E home safe Exterior - Fireproof up to 2 hours - Digital electronic lock - Used in good condition

    Used – Hollon HS-310E – 2 Hr Fire Safe with Digital Lock

    Price : $260.00

    Standard Features
    • 2-hour fire rated for 1750⁰F
    • 30 foot impact rated
    • Extra thick body and door for added strength
    • Electronic keypad with external battery access
    • 2-active locking bolts with fixed hinge side bolts
    • One anchoring hole
    • Bolting hardware included

  • Used – FireKing B-Rate, Plate Steel Double Door Safe

    Price : $2,750.00

    FireKing B-Rate, Plate Steel Double Door Safe

    • Two (2) large independent locking compartments
    • ½” thick Steel door with independent SecureRam Digital Locks (Time Delay)
    • 10 Gauge Steel Walls, plus internal vertical center wall
    • Made in the USA!

    Exterior Dimensions: 72”H x 48”W x 29”D
    Interior Dimensions: 71.5”H x 24”W x 22”D each side by side compartment
    Approximately 900 lb.
    73 cubic feet of storage!!
    4 adjustable shelves each side
    Each door has SecureRam Digital Lock with Time Delay

  • Used – AMSEC AM2020E5 Small Home Safe, 45 Min Fire, Low Price!

    Price : $575.00

    Standard Features
    • Blue Textured Finish with Black Nickel hardware
    • Gray Fabric Interior
    • ESL5 Electronic Lock with Illuminated Keypad
    • Lock Protected by Drill-Resistant Hard Plate
    • Adjustable Ball Bearing Hinges
    • High-strength 12 ga. Solid Steel Body
    • 1¹⁄8″ Recessed Door Constructed of a ¼” Solid Steel Plate and Fire Insulating Material
    • 3-way Boltwork with 4 Active 1¼” Diameter Chrome-plated Steel Locking Bolts
    • 4 pre-cut Anchor Holes with Mounting Hardware Included
    • 45-minute Fire protection with 1200°F Maintaining Interior Temperature of Less Than 350°F.

  • Used AMSEC AMVAULT CE3524 UL TL15 High Security Safe

    Used AMSEC AMVAULT CE3524 UL TL-15 High Security Safe

    Price : $2,175.00

    Standard Features

    • UL-Certified TL-15 Burglary Protection
    • 2 hour, 350⁰F Factory Fire Rating Tested at Temperatures up to 1850⁰F
    • Massive 6″ Thick door
    • 3-1/2″ Thick Body
    • Steel Door and Body with high density fire resistant composite including amalgamation of nuggets and steel fibers
    • Spring Operated Boltwork Detent System
    • Optional 3-way Boltwork
    • 1-1/2″ Diameter Chrome Plated Solid Steel Locking Bolts
    • Vertical Height Adjustable Hinges
    • Tri-Spoke Handle
    • Heavy Duty Pull Handle
    • Two (2) High Strength Adjustable Shelves with Powder Coated Finish
    • Proudly Made in the USA

  • Used Atlas TL-30 High Security Safe

    Used Atlas High Security TL30 Safe

    Price : $1,785.00

    UL TL30 Plate Steel Atlas Safe
    • $1,785 cash price
    • 1.5” Solid, high-tensile steel door
    • 1” Solid steel walls
    • Outside Dimension: 32”H x 30”W x 27”D
    • Interior Dimension: 30”H x 28”W x 19”D
    • WeightL approximately 1,200 lb.
    • Cubic Feet: 9.2 cubic feet capacity
    • Left swing door
    • 2 adjustable shelves
    • High Security Group 2 Mechanical Dial Lock

  • Used ISM TL30 High Security Safe

    Used ISM TL30 Cash Vault

    Price : $3,175.00

    ISM Cash Vault with UL TL30 Plate Steel Safe
    $3,175 cash price
    • 2” Solid steel door
    • 1” Solid steel walls
    • Outside Dimension: 62”H x 36”W x 29”D
    • Interior Dimension: 5905”H x 34”W x 20”D
    • Weight: approximately 3,600 lb.
    • Cubic Feet: 23.4 cubic feet
    • Right swing door
    • 3-way active boltwork
    • 6 adjustable shelves
    • High Security Group 2 Mechanical Dial Lock
    • Color: Brown

  • Used LORD 906ED TRTL30x6 High Security Safe

    Used LORD 906ED TRTL-30×6 High Security Safe

    Price : $17,500.00

    LORD 906ED TRTL-30×6 High Security Composite Safe Standard Features

    • UL TRTL-30×6 labeled
    • Requires an overall area of 72.5″ x 49.6″ to accommodate the arc of the door swing
    • Door – total thickness of 7.5″ incorporating a solid core of LORD foundry poured “MILLALLOY” encased between heavy steel press formed plates
    • Body – total thickness of 4.7 in incorporating a monolithic barrier of LORD special foundry poured “MILLALLOY” encased within the steel walls protecting all five sides of the safe body with a single cast unit of consistent strength void of seams and joints
    • Bolts – massive 1-1/2” diameter steel four way running bolts
    • Large tempered glass plate to protect locking mechanism