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  • Used Cannon Wall Vault WV-01 Closed

    Used Cannon Wall Vault Safe

    Price : $155.00

    Used Cannon Wall Vault WV-01

    • Exterior Dimensions: 15.5″h x 16.5″w x 4.5″d
    • Interior Dimensions: 8″h x 13.5″w x 3.25″d
    • Hidden compartment below
    • Weight: 22 lbs
    • Fits between 16 o.c. wall studs

  • Used VLINE QV41214

    Used V-Line QV41214 Wall Safe

    Price : $202.00

    Used V-Line Quick Vault QV41214 Wall Safe

    • Two used QV41214 available
    • California Department of Justice compliant for securing firearms
    • Genuine Simplex 5-button quick access mechanical lock with 1081 possible combinations
    • 14 gauge steel
    • 3/8” thick steel lock block welded to cover, adds strength to lock bolt
    • Lock bolts directly through the inner frame to prevent prying
    • Recessed door and internal anti-pry brackets for added security
    • Continuous hinged welded at one end to prevent pin removal
    • No batteries to change or keys to use
    • Easy to install, flush between wall studs
    • Textured semi-gloss powder coated exterior in ivory

  • Used AMSEC WEST2114

    Used AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe

    Price : $225.00

    Used AMSEC WEST2114 Wall Safe Standard Features

    • Heavy duty steel body, 3/16” solid steel plate door and flange.
    • Extra spacious interior, while still offering the convenience of fitting between studs.
    • LCD touch screen display shows low-battery indicator, time, date and keypad.
    • Dual live bolts ensure protection against pry attacks.
    • Two removable shelves.
    • Cream colored, durable powder coated finish

  • Used AMSEC WFS149

    Used AMSEC WFS149 Fireproof Wall Safe

    Price : $250.00

    Used AMSEC WFS149 Standard Features

    • UL Listed one-hour fire rating, ensuring the inside temperature never exceeded 350° F (paper chars at 450°F)
    • Extra deep interior
    • Fits between 16″ on center wall studs

  • Used AMSEC WS1214

    Used AMSEC WS1214 Heavy Duty Wall Safe

    Price : $521.00

    AMSEC WS1214 Wall Safe Standard Features

    • Black textured body and door.
    • Mechanical Dial Lock
    • An additional spring-loaded relocking device, activated by a punching attack.
    • Lock and relocks are protected by a large carburized hardplate.
    • A handle activated locking mechanism consisting of three 1″ diameter locking bolts. Each one is drive resistant, chromed steel with a long throw.
    • One piece heavy duty dead bar behind hinge prevents removal of door even if hinges are removed during a forced entry attempt.
    • Door is designed to fit full body size, which greatly reduces any possible pry points.
    • Solid steel hinge mechanism using 3/8″ diameter steel hinge pins and internal mounting bolts.
    • “B+” rate door: ¾” solid steel plate door is standard.
    • A large, convenient door opening for bulky items.

  • Used Diebold Closed

    Used Diebold TL-15 Fire Resistive Safe

    Price : $995.00
    • Approximately 1,500 lbs.
    • TL-15 Burglar Rated
    • Fire Resistive
    • High Security Mechanical Dial Lock
  • Used International TRTL-30×6 Composite Safe – Good Condition, Great Price

    Price : $10,995.00

    U-I-TRTL-30×6 High Security Composite Safe Standard Features

    • UL TRTL-30×6 labeled
    • 2-hour fire protection
    • Body – total thickness of 4-1/8” with high strength alloys and proprietary barrier
    • Door – total thickness of 8-1/4” with same high strength alloys and proprietary barrier
    • Bolts – massive 1-1/2” diameter chromed high tensile steel bolts
    • Three way boltwork mechanism
    • Reinforced bolt chambers
    • Hinge side deadbolts with reinforced bolt chambers
    • Large tempered glass plate to protect locking mechanism
    • Two adjustable shelves

  • Sale!

    AMSEC AM2020E5 Small Home Safe, 30 Min Fire

    Price : $819.00 $519.00

    Standard Features
    • Blue Textured Finish with Black Nickel hardware
    • Gray Fabric Interior
    • ESL5 Electronic Lock with Illuminated Keypad
    • Lock Protected by Drill-Resistant Hard Plate
    • Adjustable Ball Bearing Hinges
    • High-strength 12 ga. Solid Steel Body
    • 1¹⁄8″ Recessed Door Constructed of a ¼” Solid Steel Plate and Fire Insulating Material
    • 3-way Boltwork with 4 Active 1¼” Diameter Chrome-plated Steel Locking Bolts
    • 4 pre-cut Anchor Holes with Mounting Hardware Included
    • 30-minute Fire protection with 1200°F Maintaining Interior Temperature of Less Than 350°F.
    • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor