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AMSEC UL2018 – Best Mid-Sized Fire Safe – Fireproof

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Standard Features

• Color: Granite
• Lock: Digital ESL10XL UL Approved Electronic Lock
• UL listed Class 350°F two-hour fire and impact rating
• Withstands fires to 1850°F for 2 hours with 30 foot drop
• Formed steel body provides excellent pry resistance
• Group 2 high security combination lock or optional electronic lock
• Spring loaded relocking device
• Internal anchor bolt hole with hardware
• Velour covered shelfs (2) and base
• Heavy duty rolling casters, often removed for safe to sit directly on the floor


• One year parts and labor
• Lifetime free replacement of safe due to fire damage

Reliable 2 hour fire protection. UL verified. Compact size fits in most closets. Room for letter size documents and notebooks. On sale at Maximum Security Safes!


The UL2018 is a great choice. As with many things, the larger the safe you buy the better the value. When you are looking for the very best in fire protection the UL Series is what we recommend. These safes are best in class as evidenced by UL’s 2-hour fire label.

Nationally recognized as the preeminent fire testing agency, UL’s testing standards are the strictest in the industry. With sensors in the top, middle and bottom the safe is put in a furnace that heats up to 1850⁰F. During the 2-hour test the safe is dropped 30′ simulating a fall through a two story building. The safe successfully maintained its fire resistance before, during and after the fall and the interior of the safe stayed below 350⁰ for a minimum of 2 hours.

The UL2018 provides some burglar protection as well with its 3-1/2” thick recessed door with 5/8” thick front for excellent pry resistance. For your convenience this safe has small rubber feet allowing the safe to protect the surface it sets on. It can and should be bolted to the floor utilizing the predrilled hole. We can arrange shipping, white glove delivery and bolt down, give us a call! 800.538.0600

Color: Granite
Lock: Digital ESL10XL UL Approved Electronic Lock
Interior Dimensions: 20″H x 18″W x 18″D
Ext. Dimensions: 30-1/4″H x 25-1/2″W x 25-1/2″D + 2” for handle
Cubic Inch Capacity: 6,480
Weight: 542 lbs.
Fire Rating: UL 2 hour up to 1850⁰F and Impact
Dead Bolts: 2 or more
Bolt Diameter: 7/8″
Door Thickness: 3-1/2″


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