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Most safes are purchased for one of five most common purposes, and we have a guide to assist you in shopping for each of these. For after purchase support, see Expert Guidance links in footer

Gun Safe Buying Guide

– This downloadable document will educate you on things to think about when buying a gun safe such as:

  • What “gun capacity” on a safe means,
  • Where you should put the safe,
  • What type of lock makes sense for you,
  • and much more.

Jewelry Safe Buying Guide

– Download this PDF to get up to speed on things to think about when looking at jewelry safes:

  • How to evaluate the security a safe offers,
  • Where to put the safe,
  • What convenience and luxury features to consider,
  • and a number of other helpful topics.

Coin Safe Buying Guide

– This webpage identifies the key considerations in selection the right safe for your collection of coins and other collectibles and suggests a few safes you should consider based on the value of your collection.

Home Safe Buying Guide

– Home safes are used to secure a wide range of valuables. This page assists in understanding the different types of protection you should consider and provides specific suggestions based on your needs.

Business Safe Buying Guide

-Securing important business valuables protects from internal theft as well as potentially devastating outside forces. Review this page to be sure you think this decision through properly and to get ideas of safe models you should focus on.

Selecting the safe that will protect your valuables is worthy of taking some time to carefully evaluate and be sure you make the right choice. There are a good number of variables to consider, many which aren’t top of mind to a safe newbie. With 25+ years of expertise in the industry, we are happy to provide educational information to help ensure you get the best safe for your individual needs. Be an educated buyer, buy the right safe, the first time.

To better understand burglar and fire ratings of safes see our Burglary & Fire Rating Guide. For information about safe manufacturers see our Manufacturer Information. And for a wide variety of other questions see our FAQ.


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