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Most of our residential customers decide they want home safes that provide both burglar and fire protection. The types of items often kept in home security safes includes: jewelry, cash, collectibles, documents, and sometimes guns. You can spend "a little" and acquire something that will keep the housekeeper honest, or you can spend more and protect your valuables from a typical home burglar or even a professional safe cracker. How safe do you want to feel when you’re off to the grocery store or work, gone for that long weekend getaway, or worried about what folks might do in these troubled times?

"You get what you pay for" really does apply here. Home safes without at least the UL RSC (Residential Security Container) ratings could be opened in less than five minutes with a common hammer and large screwdriver. If you are genuinely concerned about fire, buy a security safe that has a legitimate fire rating / label from an independent laboratory. And always make sure the locks are UL listed!!

The burglary and Fire Safes are our most popular security safes for home use. These home safes combine the benefits of a burglar safe and a fire safe in one, with varying amounts of security and storage space. Also commonly used as home safes are Fire Safes, Floor Safes and Wall Safes.

Fire Safes typically offer serious fire protection but are not as good in terms of burglary protection. Floor Safes, or actually in-floor safes, offer hidden security and when installed properly good fire protection, but don’t rank high in convenience of use for a home safe. Wall Safes are discrete but due to the limited space in the wall don’t offer much storage and usually don’t offer high levels of security nor fire protection.

Media safes also known as data safes meet much higher standards in terms of fire and humidity in order to protect the more delicate digital media such as CDs, DVDs, flash drives and portable hard drives. Most residential users have limited amounts of digital media that they need to protect and as a result can’t justify the high price tag of these specialized safes. An easy work around is to purchase a burglar and fire safe and a small portable fire safe, putting the digital media inside the smaller safe and that inside the larger. This safe within a safe approach provides good protection for your digital media at an affordable price.

Feel free to browse our website to explore the different types of home safes. What will best meet your needs is determined by what you want to secure, how much space you need, and a balance between the amount of security you want and what your budget will allow.

Please don’t hesitate to call us, or if you are in Southern California stop by our showroom, so we can help you in this evaluation process. We have experts who look forward to assisting you select just the right home security safe for your needs. Call us at 800-538-0600, or locally at 714-550-4123.


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