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Best of Both Worlds!

What if you didn’t have to choose between the reliability of a mechanical lock and the convenience of a digital lock? What if, you could have both, in one lock system? Now you can! Introducing AMSEC’s Redundant Boltwork.

This new locking system by American Security Products, aka AMSEC, incorporates two locks, either of which can open the safe . Either precisely dialing the mechanical tumbler or entering your combination on the electronic keypad, will trigger your lock to open. This lock is not double the security, but double the convenience. So, why would someone care about having two options in a single safe lock?

Scenario #1 – You’re in a hurry and need to get into your safe, but for some reason your keypad doesn’t respond. You try again and figure it must be time to replace the batteries. The only thing is, you don’t have any at home. What an inconvenience, right? With the redundant lock, the mechanical dial is your backup plan. With the redundant lock you can change the batteries at a later time and open your safe with the mechanical dial now.

Scenario #2 – This time, replacing your batteries doesn’t fix the problem. It appears you are one of the rare few who have come across a digital keypad failure. You dial open your safe and call the safe technician to come at a later more convenient time. When the tech comes the lock repair is significantly simplified because the safe is not locked up, there is easy access to the lock from inside the safe door. If the safe had not had a redundant lock it may have required an expensive and time consuming drill and repair job.

Senario #3 – A solar flare or EMP attack knocks out all electronics. You want access to your valuables and even though your electronic keypad won’t function, you conveniently dial open your safe with the mechanical dial and are set for any circumstance that follows.

Electronic keypad locks are by far the most popular lock choice among our customers. The ease of use and quick access just can’t be beat. Mechanical locks aren’t difficult but they do require good eyesight, good light and precise dialing as well as a fair does of patience. Check out our video on opening a gun safe mechanical lock. The redundant lock works because you can have the benefits of both lock types, along with peace of mind knowing that nothing can come between you and your valuables. After all, your safe is designed to keep the bad guys out, not you!

Interested in a safe with a redundant lock? The AMSEC Lock-Duo is available on any AMSEC gun safe or burglar and fire safe as well as for an after market upgrade.

Have other questions about the redundant lock? Leave us a comment below or give us a call! We’re happy to help!



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