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Before, big guns were all the rage. People carried big guns with lots of bullets. Later on, they realized doing so can be a real hassle. There are restrictions when it comes to lugging around bigger guns. You need sturdy belts instead of fashionable ones and you need to be conscious of your clothing. Enter the Kahr P380.

The perks of a smaller gun can’t be taken away by the sneer comments about its size. Pocket guns are the driving force for sales in the handgun market recently, especially now that more states are granting permits for concealed carry to qualified citizens. More people are looking into small guns but packed with more power.

Kahr P380

This demand in the market triggered Khar to create the P380 pistol. This new pocket defender is small enough that you won’t have any problem concealing and carrying it.

The P380 is a polymer-framed gun that’s double action. It weighs 10 ounces only and has a six plus one capacity. It is also set as a premium product that comes with a Lothar Walther gun barrel. Buyers will get two magazines with every gun purchase.

Here are its specifications:

Caliber: .380

Barrel: polygonal rifting at 2.5”

Length: 4.9”

Height: 3.9”

Weight: 9.97 ounces without magazine

Side width: 0.75”

Grips: textured polymer

Capacity: 6 + 1

Finish: matte stainless steel slide and black polymer frame

Sights: white bar-dot sights and drift adjustable

Magazines: stainless and two to six rounds

P380 Details

Khar’s small pistols are typically chosen by security personnel and law enforcers. This in itself is a statement of their guns’ quality and performance.

The typical expectation with micro-compact pistols is that it comes with smaller parts. The Khar P380, on the other hand, is built like a full-sized pistol. Each part is made specifically for it.

Khar is known to have six firearm patents covering the trigger bar, internal cocking cam, metal insert, barrel lug, and DAO trigger. All these patents are used in the P380 gun. This means that this pistol is made to function like a full-sized one.

It is an accurate small gun even for those with bigger hands. Micro-pistols are usually thought of as a close-range gun. However, the P380 shoots well on both close and far ranges. It just takes a little practice and getting used to, like any other tiny guns.

The P380 is the most practical gun to carry. It has amazing ergonomics. It slides out of your pocket fast and gets the target quickly. The pistol’s easy to use. Disassembly is quick, as well.

The only thing to remember about the Khar P380 is that it is ammunition sensitive. Because the P380 is a squat shirt pocket gun, it doesn’t like ammunition with a flat point. It needs a steep feed ramp. Flat-nosed bullets will only lead to feeding failures.

Though the Kahr P380 pistol is a reliable gun, it still has its own limitations. Make sure that you follow the directions for it to work well.


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