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$100,000 value:


Collections under $100,000 value & more than 10,000 cu. in.:


  • Our best seller BF6032
  • Budget friendly option NF5924
  • Best protection CF5524
  • All Gun Safes (when configured with all shelf interiors make excellent all purpose or coin safes)

Collections under $100,000 value & less than 10,000 cu. in.:


Feel free to browse our website to explore coin safes that may fit your requirements, but also please don’t hesitate to call us to help you in this process. We have experts who look forward to helping you select just the right coin safe for your application. Call us at 800-538-0600, or locally at 714-550-4123.

Maximum Security has built relationships with and sold safes to hundreds of both coin and collectibles dealers and collectors. This success has built us a strong reputation in the industry.

Selecting the right coin safe for your needs is an important decision. The most appropriate safe for your coins and other collectibles is determined by four primary considerations:

  • value of the collection, current and in the foreseeable future,
  • physical space required by the collection, current and projected future,
  • location and space available for the safe and
  • budget (cost of safe plus delivery / installation)

As you consider these elements think about the current value and space requirements as well as how it may grow in the future. Coin safes are a long-term investment.

We often have customers who return to us realizing that they need a larger or more secure safe; as yet no one has returned needing something smaller. Also keep in mind we can help you with a customized safe interior like the one pictured below.

Below you will see samples of coin safes in three different groups based on the value of the contents you want to protect and the amount of space you need. This is just a sampling of what we have available to get you started in your decision making process.

For collections over $100,000 we recommend a high security safe like one of those in the first group. These safes come in a wide range of sizes, both larger and smaller than the samples listed below. The most common high security safes are TL15 safes, TL30 safes and TL30x6 safes. Shop all high security safes to see the full range of options.

For larger collections under $100,000 in value the "coin safes" we recommend include a high security safe as well as a couple of gun safes with all shelf interiors allowing maximum use of the storage space. These safes are less expensive than the high security safes.

For smaller collections under $100,000 in value we recommend either a small high security safe or one of our burglary and fire safes. These burglar and fire safes can be used for many purposes and are often a good choice for use as a coin safe.


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