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To protect
documents from fire:


To protect
computer media from fire:


To protect cash and other
valuables from theft and fire:


To help with
cash management:


Business down time due to fire or theft can be extremely expensive if not catastrophic. It is not uncommon for a business to shut down, unable to recover after a significant loss. Planning in advance by purchasing a business safe can protect you from this kind of disaster. Our safe buying guide can help!

Are you a retail business that takes in cash? Experience with our customers convinces us that a well designed retail safe can reduce internal theft. We can help you choose the right safe to match your cash handling procedures, and actually SAVE you money!!

We have divided our safe buying guide into the different types of safes most often used by business into four categories based on the type of protection provided. The first group of business safes is specifically designed to protect items, most often documents, from fire. They do offer some burglary protection, but this is not their strength. They have passed a United Laboratories test for either two hours of fire and impact or one hour of fire where the internal temperature must remain below 350 degrees F for the duration of the test.

The second group of safes meet a higher standard to protect electronic media such as CDs, DVDs, video tapes, and the like. Each business safe in this category has passed a test that requires the inside of the safe to stay below 125 degrees F and 80% humidity.

The burglary and fire safes protect valuables from both burglary and fire as the name implies. The types of tests these business safes have passed varies.

Then there are the cash handling safes designed primarily with retail business in mind. They offer very strong burglar protect but no fire protection. A business safe you find in this category often includes a drop of some sort and may also include an internal locker or a second door to allow management access to an area not available to clerks.

Almost any safe can be used as a business safe. The burglar safes, fire safe, media safes and depository safes above are just samples of some of those most frequently used as business safes. Feel free to browse our website to explore options that may fit your requirements, but also please don’t hesitate to call us to help you in this process. We have experts who look forward to helping you select just the right business safe for your application. Call us at 800-538-0600, or locally at 714-550-4123.


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