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  • Used LORD 906ED TRTL30x6 High Security Safe

    Used LORD 906ED TRTL-30×6 High Security Safe

    Price : $17,500.00

    LORD 906ED TRTL-30×6 High Security Composite Safe Standard Features

    • UL TRTL-30×6 labeled
    • Requires an overall area of 72.5″ x 49.6″ to accommodate the arc of the door swing
    • Door – total thickness of 7.5″ incorporating a solid core of LORD foundry poured “MILLALLOY” encased between heavy steel press formed plates
    • Body – total thickness of 4.7 in incorporating a monolithic barrier of LORD special foundry poured “MILLALLOY” encased within the steel walls protecting all five sides of the safe body with a single cast unit of consistent strength void of seams and joints
    • Bolts – massive 1-1/2” diameter steel four way running bolts
    • Large tempered glass plate to protect locking mechanism