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What were they thinking?  Two men steal a security safe and are stopped by police as they drive away in the wee hours of the night with the safe hanging out  the trunk of their compact sedan.  It begins with a familiar story, recently fired employee decides to get back at his employer.  With his inside knowledge he is able to get into the building and knows where to find the safe.  The business owner has purchased a quality security safe and the ex-employee and his partner are unable to break into the safe on-site.  So, they load it into their vehicle and are on their way to a private spot where they will have more time to break into the safe.  The problem is that they can’t close the trunk with the safe in it, in fact it is in clear view and the weight of the safe draws even more attention by making the light-weight car a low rider.

After speaking with the manager of the restaurant we were able to help him make sure that nothing like this ever happens to his store again.  This is just one more example of how valuable expert consulting is in selecting the right security safe and the right installation for your safe.  If you chose correctly you should only have to buy a safe once – call us at Maximum Security Safes so that our experienced consultants can help you select the best solution to your security needs.

Moral of the story – some thieves are too stupid for their own good.


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