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If you follow the news you most certainly have heard of the sharply rising steel prices.The Herald Tribune reports that indeed these prices have risen almost 50% this year and are expected to continue to do so – due to the rising price of raw materials and the increase in global demand.These prices are passed down through the distribution chain and ultimately lead to higher prices for the consumer.

Given that steel is a major element in the production of safes our industry is feeling a direct impact.Manufacturers are raising prices.Already since December of 2007 Cannon Safes, one of the largest volume safe manufacturers in the world has raised prices three times.Cannon Safes is not alone, other manufacturers have been forced into similar patterns.In spite of these challenges the top safe manufacturers that we work with continue to roll out new and innovative security solutions.For example, Cannon Safes is offering new added value accessories as well as new colors.The best news is that Maximum Security Safes is a low overhead, high volume safe specialty store so we can continue to offer you greatly discounted prices…as well as the expert consulting that we are known for.


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