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The news is buzzing about failing banks and financial institutions and many of us are worried about how all of this will affect us.At Maximum Security Safes we have had a sharp rise in the number of people calling and coming in to our “safe” showroom to purchase burglar and fire resistant safes.If you are like these people then you may be considering reducing your exposure at the bank by taking your security into your own hands.

Good quality home safes are very affordable.If you are looking for a high security safe to secure cash and other valuables you will likely need a safe that is both burglar and fire resistant.Some safes are good for fire resistance, some are good for burglar resistance, but when you want to secure cash and other valuables make sure the home safe you choose is good at both.We have a variety of styles of high security safes that meet both these criteria – gun safes, jewelry safes, wall safes, high security safes and more.To confirm you are getting what you want look for labels in the safe from independent laboratories that document the fire and/or burglar test the safe has passed.If you are buying a safe from a reputable dealer the old saying, “you get what you pay for” does hold true.These safes come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and price ranges according to your needs.

The best way to have confidence that you are purchasing a safe that will truly address your security needs is to come and see the safes (if you can) and talk to an expert. At Maximum Security we have a showroom with over 100 different safes on display and experts who can help you chose the right one for your needs.Inventory is moving fast, call or visit us today.


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