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Who on your Christmas list has purchased a gun this year? How about giving a pistol gun safe to keep that new weapon secure? Gun safes can be a practical and affordable gift.

It’s Christmas time and many of us are hoping to come up with just the right gift for each person on our list. We want something that will be unique and personal, something that will actually be used not just set aside and put into the re-gifting pile. Maybe you have someone on your list that has purchased a new handgun this year. 2009 has been one of the most prolific gun buying years in history. There are lots of folks out there who have either purchased their first handgun or have added to their collection. For many of these folks a pistol gun safe may be just the right gift

Pistol gun safes provide peace of mind. These safes keep curious children from harming themselves or others. One of the more recent stories was in Gardena, CA where a 12-year old boy shot himselfwhile playing with a gun that was not secured. Safes also protect gun owners from their weapons being stolen and used in a future crime. Our pistol gun safes provide compliance with state laws. One of these can be a practical gift for the right person on your Christmas list.

Pistol gun safes are affordable. The most popular models are made by GunVault with their unique “No Eyes” keypad for quick access. Prices start at just $99. The MicroVault is a slim-lined safe that can be used as a portable safe or bolted down inside a drawer or on a shelf. The Mini GunVault is designed for one or two handguns and provides very fast access to your weapon with its quick release door. The Muti GunVault is taller with room for more handguns or handguns and other valuables.

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