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Police in communities across the country are alerting homeowners of a rise in home burglaries. It is time to do a home security evaluation and consider a quality home safe to secure your valuables.

Over the past few months there has been a significant rise in the number of newspaper articles in which police warn homeowners of an increase in home burglaries.

Police report a rise in home burglaries. San Ramon, CA 11/09
During the holidays home burglaries increase. Richmond Hill, GA 12/8
• 4.5% increase in burglaries over last year. Omaha, NE 11/09
• The list goes on….

Police urge homeowners to secure their homes and protect their valuables. Safes for home are one significant piece of doing just that.

Our current economy is the major factor contributing to this increase in home burglaries. However, this time of year makes us particularly tempting targets due to earlier darkness and the influx of cash and gifts in homes as a result of the holidays.

We all need to take security more seriously, especially right now. The first step in that direction is to check your home for safety. Check out the Home Security Checklist from the National Crime Prevention Council.

The next step is to lock up your valuables in a burglar and fire resistive safe from Maximum Security. Call us today at (800) 538-0600 or locally at (714) 550-4123 and we will help you find just the right home safe for your needs.


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