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We are thrilled with American Security Products (AMSEC) newly configured 2-hour fire rated gun safe, the ExecuVault. This safe is perfect for the customer who has just a few rifles but also needs a secure place to store a variety of other valuables. The ExecuVault is actually a multi-purpose safe. It is a gun safe, jewelry safe, fire safe and burglar safe all rolled into one. The body is the AMSEC CSC4520 with serious burglar protection plus two hours of fire protection. The interior offers nicely padded shelving with slots for up to 6 rifles, 3 standard shelves for any number of other valuables and a Stor-It Pack door organizer with zipper pockets and elastic straps to make the most of your interior space. This safe also includes an electric dehumidifier included as a standard accessory. This safe is a great new entry into the gun safes market.

At Maximum Security Safes we have this new gun safe in stock on our showroom floor ready for you to come and check out. If you are not in the Southern California area explore the ExecuVault on our website.
The ExecuVault is dark gray with matte finish and chrome hardware. These gun safes have double steel walls and doors for secure protection. Fire protection is provided by the composite material that fills the steel frame avoiding air pockets that are prevalent with sheet rock style fire protection.

These gun safes come standard with U.L.Listed High Security Group II combination locks including chrome-plated spy-proof dials. Optional high security electronic locks are also available. The locks are protected by tempered glass relock devices and heavy duty steel hinges provide easy, smooth door operation. This glass relocking device is typically found on safes with much higher security ratings.

The ExecuVault is a two hour fire safe that has been tested in a furnace with temperature of 1,700 degrees. After the two hour test period the internal temperature remains below 350 degrees, well below 450 degrees, the temperature that paper burns. The safe is large enough internally that a second smaller fire safe can be placed to provide the best protection for your computer storage media.

The representatives from AMSEC advised us recently that the ExecuVault gun safes will have the UL Residential Security Container rating from Underwriters Laboratory in the near term without change to the design of the safe.

One of the primary differences and advantages of the ExecuVault gun safes is that they are shorter than the typical gun safe. With the standard casters this safe stands 54” tall; with the casters removed the safe is 50-1/2” tall. It can be bolted to the floor to provide additional burglar protection.

Maximum Security is a full service company that provides service, delivery and installation of any type safe, including the ExecuVault gun safes. We have been in business for nearly 30 years and the current owners have been in the same Santa Ana, CA store location for 15 years. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have purchased safes and used our safe moving and delivery service locally in Southern California and across the country.