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We are blessed to live in a country where we have so much freedom, but with freedom comes responsibility.  If you own, or plan to own a hand gun, rifle, or any type of firearm it is your responsibility to secure it.  Gun safes provide peace of mind that your gun will not be discovered by a child or stolen and used in a future crime. Securing your firearm does not mean it can’t be easily and quickly accessible.

The critical components to assuring quick access to your firearms are:

  1. locating the gun safe near where you are likely to be in the case of an emergency and
  2. a quick response locking device.

Some of the most popular pistol safes are made by GunVault. These hand gun safes have a fast access lock that is easily and quickly opened. even in the dark.  Upon entering the correct code the door is opens quickly and automatically.  The pistol safes are most often bolted down in convenient locations allowing the homeowner to be armed within seconds.  Our customers have attached hand gun safes to the underside of beds, to a bedside table, to the inside wall of a closet, in their vehicle and many other places.  GunVault pistol safes come in single and multi-gun sizes.  GunVault also has rifle safes with the same locking mechanism.  Prices on the GunVault pistol safes start at $99 and GunVault rifle safes start at $499.

Secure Logic makes some great wall safes that are approved for secure gun storage by the California Department of Justice.  I call these our 007 wall gun safes because of their high tech look with stainless steel exterior, electronic or biometric lock and internal hidden compartment. The door slides down to open quickly allowing convenient access to contents.  By placing the safe behind a picture it can be both discrete and out of the way.

Rifle safes come in all types and sizes.  The locking mechanism can be either a traditional tumbler style, electronic or biometric.   Tumbler style locks take time and precision, not the best alternative if you want quick access. The electronic gun safe has a 6-digit push button combination that allows the user to program their own combination and get into the safe quickly.  The biometric gun safe, also known as a fingerprint gun safe, is also a quick access safe.

When shopping for gun safes be sure to look for the Department of Justice label indicating that the safe meets the California Department of Justice standard for firearms security.  If your safe will protect high value guns or other significant valuables look for the United Laboratories Residential Security Container (RSC) label as evidence that the safe has passed this more demanding test.  Beyond these two tests additional features such as greater amounts of steel and/or more bolts can offer increasing levels of burglar security.

Many gun safes also offer fire protection in addition to child safety and burglar protection.  If fire protection is important look for a label on the gun safe indicating that the fire rating has been verified by an independent third party.  This third party confirmation offers confidence that you are getting what you expect.

As a responsible gun owner you can protect your gun from the hands of children and burglars while still keeping it quickly accessible in case of an emergency.  Gun safes come in a wide range of types and sizes.  To be sure you get a safe that provides the kind of protection you need talk to a safe expert at Maximum Security Safes.  Call us at 714-550-4123 or 800-538-0600.


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