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Is your son or daughter headed off to college this fall? Have you considered a burglary safe? The dorms are great fun but can also present a security risk. In the midst of the new and exciting social environment students often leave their doors open. New friends and acquaintances stop by and visit and spontaneous gatherings occur. It may not be until hours later that they realize an iPod or digital camera is missing.

College kids these days have a collection of valuable electronic devices; laptops, iPods, iPads, cell phones, digital cameras and maybe even an eReader. In addition students often have some cash, jewelry or other valuables that are put at risk in the dorms. An effective, yet inexpensive security safe can provide a solid solution to this vulnerability.

Look for a burglary safe that has an easy to use, programmable electronic lock. The old fashioned tumbler style locks are time consuming to open and significantly decrease the likelihood that the security safe will be used. The lock should have a key back up in case your student forgets the combination or the batteries run out when the door is locked. Encourage your student to set the custom combination as soon as they get their electronic safe. They should select a combination that is easy to remember but not easy for others to guess. Birthdays are NOT a good idea.

Look for a security safe that provides an easy way for it to be secured to something permanent. Often students use a tether cable to attach the safe to a bed or desk. The burglary safe should be easy to access so that your student will use it. Stowing it in a difficult to get to location, like deep behind the dresser, will deter use. There is no point in having an electronic safe unless it is used!

Look for a burglary safe that is large enough to fit their laptop computer as well as other electronic devices and miscellaneous valuables. We offer one that is just right for this purpose the Laptop Safe fits just about any laptop computer with plenty of room to spare, yet can easily be tucked under the bed or desk. This electronic safe along with a cable lock will give you peace of mind well worth the cost.

College is expensive enough as it is, nobody wants to absorb the cost of replacing a stolen computer or other valuables. Provide your student with a convenient way to secure their valuables and you will all have a lot more peace of mind as they go off on this exciting adventure. Call or visit us at Maximum Security Safes today, we are ready and able to help you get the peace of mind you desire.


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