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“Fire Season Appears Normal, For Now”, reads a recent headline in the Orange County Register. The term “normal” sounds ok to me. Normal, not great, not bad, just normal. But, as I began to read the article I realized that in the case of fire season in Southern California, normal isn’t such a good thing. Fire forecasters predict several large wildfires in the region during Summer and Fall, as is typical. What’s more, meteorologists go on to explain that the potential for fires will continue to grow as summer progresses. Changing weather conditions that occur as we get further into summer bring higher risk of blazes. Yikes! It’s time to think seriously about protecting our valuables in a fire resistant home safe .

We’ve all seen the effects of the Southern California wildfires. You may have been lucky enough to be spared personal impact and have only witnessed these fires on TV. Or you may feel this very personally, having been one of the many fire victims. Either way, you know that these fires are very real and extremely dangerous. Thousands of acres and hundreds of homes, not to mention lives, are destroyed each year by wildfires. Homes are often burned to the ground with only their safe for the home still standing.

Although there is little we can do to prevent these wildfires, we can do our best to prepare ourselves and protect our possessions. Owning a fire safe for your valuables and important papers is a good step in the right direction. A good home safe will give you a bit of peace of mind knowing that key documents and valued heirlooms have a fighting chance even if the rest of your house doesn’t.

In addition to using an in home safe, having an evacuation plan can literally be a life saver. The plan should include specific instructions on the fastest exit route for each room in the house. Document the escape routes and review them with all members of your household. Be sure all of the people are able to get out quickly, your critical documents will be safe being left behind in your 1 or 2 hour fire safe.

An out of state contact person is another important idea. Identify a close family member or friend who lives in a different state, as your emergency contact person. Make sure all members of you household have their number handy. In case of an emergency local communications may be overloaded with only out of state calls able to be made.

Fortunately we live in a day and place where fire service is fast and effective. While we trust that our local fire authority will respond quickly, it makes sense to be prepared. Preparation includes protecting our valuables in a fire resistant fire safe, documenting an evacuation plan and educating family members on that plan and an out of state contact. For assistance selecting a quality home fire safe call Maximum Security Safes at (800) 538-0600 today.


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