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Are you planning to go for a vacation? Or perhaps you stay outside home for long hours and sometimes even for a couple of days and get worried over your home and family’s safety? To have your home safe from dangers like future break-ins, fire break out and also to restore your peace of mind, here are some tips you may find most helpful:

As reported to KUSA, the media channel based in Denver and also according to the local reports from Times-Picayune, Colorado and New Orleans police are taking the burglary offenses most seriously and providing the residents with effective tips to prevent such mishaps.

1. Protect your Vacation Home: Use Home Security Systems

Colorado police is especially emphasizing on the home security systems to help protect your home from those stealing hands. Automatic timers on laps can be really effective to create the illusion of your home remaining occupied when it is actually vacant.
Here, any kind of home automation system can come to your big help. With the provision of auto-adjusted lighting system you can preset the time for your lights to go on and off automatically. Even from outside home you can arm or disarm the security system.

2. Install Audible Burglar Alarms & Buzz

And as we are told in brief, the local police of New Orleans have recorded a 13% raise in the burglary rates and strictly prescribed the residents to install an audible security alarm. Most importantly, the advertising of these anti-intrusion alarms come as a favorable deterrent for burglars.
As is the case with yard sign and window decals. These safety equipments scare away the thieves informing them your home is under supervision. Moreover, to your assurance, the current FBI report states that 9 out of 10 convicted burglars have admitted they would avoid stealing from a house that has a monitored security system. So when your home is under professional monitoring, the intruders get a clear threat on how dangerous it can be if they ever try to sneak into your house.

3. Other General Tips to bar away Intruders

For further safety tips, you can follow some basic guidelines to have your vacation home full proof from burglary.
• Have your daily subscription cancelled while you will not be home. You can either receive them on mail after coming back or can just discontinue the service temporarily. Otherwise the piling newspaper in front of your door gives the potential thieves clear indication of none is home as of now. Or, you can ask your neighbor or friend to collect them for you every morning and get them while you are back.
• If situation permits, you can leave your car in the garage so that it seems like someone is always home. For this you can hire a taxi or rent a car to reach your holiday destination or up to the nearest airport.
• You can ask a friend or neighbor to sleep at your place while you are away. Keep the arrangements for food and snacks sufficient so that they do not need to leave the house unprotected to arrange for some.
• Also make sure you have plugged off your landline and answering machine while you are gone. When the messages keep on popping up on the answering machine none to receive them, the burglars get clear idea of you absent from the house.
• Avoid sharing your holiday plan with friends or relations where you may be overheard. And most importantly, do not share your personal detail on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. The tech savvy burglars take the easiest way like getting information on these sites and them making your vacant home their soft target.
• Emphasize upon locking all your doors and windows properly. Seal all the places that might be crawled under and don’t forget to check the locks if they are working properly. Moreover, install professionally monitored door and window sensors.
• It would be best if you go for professionally monitored door/ window sensors. The sensors come up with loud alarm sounds detecting unrecognized activities at the entrances. That will inform your neighbor of the potential risk and also the person you may have asked to sleep over at your place.

4. More Easy Tips to prevent Burglary

How does it sound if say “plan to burglarize yourself”? That means find the loopholes in your residential safety management that may have escaped your notice earlier. That way you can get into the mind of a potential burglar too – in how many ways he is planning to rob you off.

Lock up your house properly even while going out for a short time. Many thieves can just walk into your room through an unlocked door or window and cause you go minus with some of your favorite possessions. Also, change all the locks when you move to a new home to avoid potential risk.

For effectiveness of alarm system and anti-intrusion arrangements, conceal the wiring. It will be better if you go for wireless security systems. A professional burglar searches for the places from where he or she can disconnect the security system. Here, professionally monitored home security systems will be an apt choice for your home, especially the motion monitors.

The wireless PIR motion monitors help you keep watch on all parts inside the house right from the rooms to hallways to stairs. The sensors detect unauthorized movements – the burglar moving inside the house and come up with loud alarm sound. As they are wireless the intruder does not get any chance to deactivate them easily.

5. Electrical Safety Tips & Fire Prevention

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission says annual average of residential fire because of electrical malfunction is 165,380 that become fatal to more than 900 people, injuring around 7,000 people and causing nearly $1.7 property damage.

To help you protect your home and loved ones from such disaster, Denali Alaskan Insurance, ‘the Independent Insurance Agents & Broker of America (IIABA) and the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI)’ provides you some most handy electrical safety tips:

• Check if there are any loose-fitting plugs on any outlet that can overheat and generate sudden sparks.
• Never do this mistake as removing the ground pin or third prong to make a three-prong pug fit into a two-conductor outlet. That can cause an electric shock.
• Don’t push a plug if that doesn’t fit into an outlet.
• Keep away from overloading outlets with too many appliances using multi plugs. The overflow of electric energy can burn out the wires and cause sudden flame.
• Change any missing or broken wall plates.
• Ensure there are safety covers on all unused outlets that are within reach of your children.
• Look out if there’s any hot or discolored outlet wall plate. This may be a sign of excessive heat emission at the connections.
• Make sure all power and extension cords are in good condition, not worn or cracked.
• Do not place cords on people’s way, under carpets, rugs or furniture. Put the cords at safe distance from your close ones.
• Extension cords should only be used occasionally, not as means to permanent household wiring.
• Make sure extension cords and electrical equipments are listed by an independent testing facility such as Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), CSA, ETL or MET labs, and are accurately rated for their assigned use, both indoor and outdoor.

6. What to Do if your Home Still Catches Fire?

Now comes the most important question. Assume if after maintaining all these guidelines still there is a sudden flame because of technical malfunction at your home. What will you do? Especially when you are not even home and can’t call for help?

So go for professionally monitored heat and smoke sensors. The sensors can detect excessive heat and heavy smoke at once. Be sure to safely store your critical papers in a fire safe. To your further knowledge, even a heavy smoke can cause a well built person to get suffocated to death. To give such chances a miss, fire and smoke sensors ring the emergency siren instantly.

You see, with effective home security tips and reliable professional help by your side, be it keeping the burglars at bay or preventing a fire irruption – everything becomes easy. Once you take the right precaution, your home and family can not get harmed by any means.

To have your home and loved ones safe, first of all you need to know the needful measures as they are introduced in brief in this article. Then it becomes just a matter of your little care and time. Besides, once you subscribe for the residential safety service that meets all your needs, you are your own king in the realm called home. So, create your safe heaven in panic room right away!


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