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Personal safety cannot be stressed enough. We all get too comfortable in familiar surroundings. While paranoia isn’t a great way to live, practical precautions are ALWAYS a good idea. The uncertain times in which we live can cause otherwise good people to veer off track. Don’t allow yourself to be a target just waiting to be had.

The following practical precautions can go a long way towards building an awareness that can keep you safe.

1. Situational Awareness. Use the 360 Mindset, a military term that describes being alert in all directions, front, back, side to side, up and down.

An example of situational awareness is when you choose to walk the long way to your car to avoid a group of suspicious looking people loitering in your more direct path.

When walking through a mall the 360 Mindset suggests you visually scan in all directions. If you notice someone from one level up that appears to be watching you take notice of their clothing or other distinguishing features and watch for them during your shopping. Avoid isolated areas and if you feel any threat ask a security guard to walk you to your vehicle when you leave.

Situational Awareness means being aware of your environment, scanning in all directions and being smart. When strangers are around avoid displaying large amounts of cash or other valuables. Don’t leave electronic devices visible in your car. Do everything you can to avoid being an easy target!

2. Body Language. Be confident, your posture, walk, and facial expressions says a lot to a predator about your vulnerability and potential as a target. You want to do everything you can to present yourself as someone who will not be easy prey.

3. Eye Contact. Lowering our eyes when coming across a stranger may be our natural instinct, but it isn’t a good one. Look passersby straight in the eye, let them know you will be able to identify them if they dare come after you.

4. Open Ears. The use of headphones or cell phone are distracting and keep you from being alert to your surroundings. Predators know distracted people are easy prey. Use the cell phone only if you want to notify a friend of your whereabouts or call for help. Save your headphones for when you are not in a vulnerable location.

5. Hands Free. Limit the number of packages you carry by combining in a backpack or larger bag. You want your hands free to defend yourself if necessary. The exception to this is when approaching your car you DO want to have your key out ready to quickly enter and lock the door behind you.

6. Be Lazy. Use the elevator rather than the stairs. When in the elevator stand close to the doors. If someone that gets on makes you feel uneasy you can step off immediately. Stairwells are a recipe for trouble. The wrong kind of individual can be waiting out of site just around the turn and you have nowhere to go and no one around to hear your scream.

7. Sympathetic / NOT. Don’t let the bad guys use your caring heart to their advantage. Women in particular are prone to respond to someone in need, a request for directions or the time, a lost puppy or a crying child. History demonstrates that criminals often play on sympathetic hearts to lure them into danger. If someone asks for help offer to make a phone call on their behalf, once you are in a safe place.

8. Mix It Up. Whenever possible vary your routines. If you are a walker or runner don’t take the same route every day. When possible bring along a buddy, exercising with a partner is great for both enjoyment and safety. Have a few different routes that work with your exercise goals. Identify a “safe house” or safe place on each route just in case it is needed. If possible vary your home departure and arrival schedule to keep watchers from being over confident about when your house is empty and when you might arrive home alone.

We at Maximum Security Safes are happy to provide you with safes to keep your valuables protected but we realize that as much as we may treasure certain possessions their value pales in comparison to our own personal safety. Our selection of home safes, jewelry safes, gun safes and all types and sizes of safes are a great way to protect your valuables. The tips above go a long way towards keeping YOU safe. There is no reason to allow yourself to be an easy target. Be alert, keep your eyes and ears open and call Maximum Security Safes if you have possessions that you want to protect.


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