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Why Your Fire Safe May Not Be Protecting All of Your Valuables…

Most people when they hear the term “fire safe,” automatically assume that the items they keep inside it will be, like the name indicates, fire safe. But did you know that fire safes do not protect all types of valuables? In fact, there are many types of materials a fire safe will not protect when it comes to a fire. Rest assured, there is a safe out there that will protect it all. Enter the data safe. This safe is really a safe within a safe. The outer safe has all of the fire protection of a fire safe, while the inside safe has the appropriate protection for any data, media files, and more (see “valuables that require a data safe” below).

How a Data Safe Works

A regular fire safe has a special wall that when it reaches a certain high temperature, produces steam, which keeps the temperature inside, much cooler than the temperature on the outside of the safe. This steam does not harm many materials, but there are certain sensitive materials that will be ruined by the moisture of this steam. Therefore, a second layer of protection (found in a data safe) is required. A data safe is comprised of a fire safe with a second moisture resistive safe inside. The fire safe acts like a normal fire safe and produces the steam to keep the temperature lower on the inside, while the second non-fire safe keeps out the steam that otherwise would destroy your sensitive data materials. Our favorite trusted data safes are the Phoenix 4620 Series.

Valuables That Require a Data Safe

The following materials, though it may not be obvious, are all magnetically charged. Steam destroys all magnetically charged objects. So, don’t lose those precious photos or that favorite home video! Invest in a data safe.

  • CDs and DVDs
  • Floppy Discs
  • 4mm and 8mm cartridges
  • Tapes – Digital Linear Tape (DLT) and Linear-Tape-Open (LTO)
  • Removable hard drives, thumb drives

As you consider your personal valuables, let us advise you to take an inventory list of what you currently have in your safe, or what you would like to protect if you had the proper safe to do so. Next, let us tell you about some high quality data safes that we have to offer. The Phoenix 4620 Series Data Safes are designed for unrivaled data defense with first-class protection against fire and water damage. We currently have two Phoenix 4622 data safes with 2-hour fire protection that were improperly handled during shipment, so now they need to go! Because these Phoenix 4622 safes have a couple cosmetic flaws (see photos) we are offering them for an aggressive price of $5250. Make sure your valuables are really protected when it comes to a fire, and contact us to see if a data safe is right for you. For more tips on data safes and more, check out our FAQ page.



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