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If a fire resistant gun safe is what you’re looking for, it’ll be tough finding one to compete with AMSEC’s BF Series, and if you already have a BF you’ll be happy to hear this news. AMSEC BF gun safes were historically touted as having 90-minutes of fire resistance, which is already impressive. Recently, ETL Intertek, an independent testing lab, ran a blind gun safe fire resistance test between competing brands, and the AMSEC BF safe came out on top, proving fire resistant for beyond 2 full hours! The safe itself is exactly the same, but needless to say, BF series safes now officially come proudly certified with a 2-hour fire rating.

Curious how one of these Intertek tests is done? Fire safe tests literally involve sealing the safe inside a big oven and cranking the temperature up to 1200º. It then takes eight minutes for the oven to reach 1200º after which the temperature is held steady at 1200º for the remainder of the two-hour test. Typical house fires peak at 1100º, but 1200º is used to be on the cautious side. At this temperature, the interior of the safe must stay under 350º (paper chars at 450º); if the internal temperature rises above 350º the safe fails the test.

How did AMSEC stack up? The BF gun safe exceeded testing standards with internal temperatures never exceeding 325º until after the 2-hour mark. It wasn’t until 126.5 minutes went by that the interior temperature reached the testing cut off of 350º.

Better for a safe company to underestimate their own fire rating than overestimate. As you can see in the graph to the left, other brands did not meet their claims. These trumped up fire ratings, emphasize the importance of being an informed consumer. Know what to look for, safes that are tested by nationally recognized and independent testing companies such as Intertek. Be wary of unverified factory testing. For more detailed information on fire ratings visit the Burglar and Fire Rating Guide.

In other AMSEC BF Series news, the new BF6024 gun safe has just been released! Be sure to check it out, along with all the other BF Series safes here, and rest assured your valuables are certified fire safe.

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