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If you’re checking out mid-size gun safes, you’ve probably seen listed on the specifications, something like this: Gun Capacity: 12-19-31 +2 Guns. You’re probably asking yourself two questions. “What exactly do those numbers mean?” and “Wow, that seems like a lot of guns! How can that safe possibly hold that many guns?” Yes, these numbers can sometimes be misleading, but don’t worry, we’ll help break down what each of these numbers mean, and also give you the low down on how to decipher how many guns your safe will REALLY hold (and no, unfortunately there are no magical, hidden gun storage compartments inside gun safes…though we wish there were!)

First off, deciphering gun capacity lingo, let’s take a look at the example of the mid-size gun safe with a gun capacity of 12-19-31 +2 Guns. Notice that the first two numbers (12 and 19) add up to the total of the third number (31). In essence the third number is what you will want to pay attention to most, since it is the total number of guns your safe could possibly hold. The first two numbers simply break down the storage ability of the left side compartment of the safe vs. the right side (see the above graphic). The extra “+2” refers to how many guns can be stored on the door organizer of your safe. So, in summary, the numbers represent the left side capacity, right side capacity, total capacity, and extra door organizer storage. Pretty easy, right?

The more complicated part comes when looking at that total number of 31 and deciphering how 31 guns could possibly fit inside that safe. Technically, 31 guns can fit, if they’re the bare minimum, slim rifles with zero extra attachments and are stacked just right. However, most gun owners have more souped-up guns than that, so the capacity total will automatically decrease. Think about your gun collection. Do you have attachments on your guns, such as scopes, grips, lasers, sensors, etc.? These will decrease your safe’s gun storage capacity. A general rule of thumb is to divide the total number by about half for a more realistic estimate of how many guns your safe will hold. In our example, this safe could realistically hold around 15-16 guns.

Even with a 15-16 gun capacity, storing guns in the pre-designated shelf slots can often times be tricky. If you’d like more control and versatility with how your guns fit inside your safe, there are a variety of gun storage accessories such as rifle rods, hand gun hangers, and pistol racks. Rifle rods will give you the most flexibility for storing long guns and are a favorite amongst our customers!

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