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  • C21 Casoro Jewelry Safe in Textured Parchment, 7 Curly Maple Drawers

    Casoro C21 – Small Jewelry Safe with Drawers

    Price : $4,999.00

    Trustworthy burglar and fire protection verified by Underwriter’s Laboratories, nationally recognized independent testing agency. Luxurious drawers for secure, organized storage.

    • UL rated RSC, TL15 or TL30 burglar protection
    • 1 or 2 hour fire protection if desired
    • Door composed of 1/2″ steel plate and lightweight concrete for fire protection
    • Body constructed of two layers 11-gauge steel and lightweight concrete for fire protection
    • UL rated High Security Lock, Digital, Mechanical or Biometric fingerprint reader
    • Textured paint, Black, White or Parchment
    • Chrome or Brass Trim
    • Curly Maple or Walnut drawers
    • 4 or 7 drawer interior configuration, or customized to your needs
    • Optional LED Lighting
    • Optional programmable Watch Winders



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