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  • Vaultek Biometric Nano Key w/ Rechargeable Battery

    Vaultek Biometric Nano Key w/ Rechargeable Battery

    Price : $84.99

    Standard Features
    • One Touch. With a simple touch, get immediate access into your safe.
    • 20 Unique Prints. With additional print enrollment you can add friends or family.
    • Easily Programmable. Securely activate or disable the Nano Key from the safe or the Vaultek Smartphone app.
    • Rechargeable Battery. Plug in your Smart Key and charge within 2 hrs for up to 3 months of life.
    • 20FT Range. Extended range so you can better place where needed.
    • Discreet. Mount the Nano Key under desks, headboards, or vehicle consoles.
    • Mounting Bracket. BIOMETRIC NANO KEY is easy to install and includes a removable mounting bracket and adhesive.
    • Secure Transmitting. BIOMETRIC NANO KEY uses secure encrypted rolling code technology to prevent unauthorized access to your safe, and will only open a safe it’s assigned to.
    • Compatible with RS Series, VT Series, MX Series, and Slider safes only

    • Slider Series Bluetooth and WiFi models (SL20/SL20i/NSL20/NSL20i)
    • VT Series Bluetooth models (VT/VTi)
    • MX Series Bluetooth and WiFi models (MX/MXi/NMX/NMXi)
    • RS Series (RS200i/RS500i/RS800i)
    *NOT compatible with LifePod, 10 Series, 20 Series, or Essential Series models.

    Included Accessories
    • (1) Micro-USB Charging Cable
    • External Dimensions: 1.8” Diameter, .8” Tall



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