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AMSEC AMVAULT CF7236 American Security UL TL-30 High Security Safe

Price : $11,227.50

Optional Auxiliary ESL10 Digital Lock, 3-Way Active Boltwork, and Glass Relocking Mechanism.

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Standard Features

• UL-Certified TL-30 Burglary Protection
• 2 hour, 350⁰F Factory Fire Rating Tested at Temperatures up to 1850⁰F
• Massive 6″ Thick door
• 3-1/2″ Thick Body
• Steel Door and Body with high density fire resistant composite including amalgamation of nuggets, steel baffles and rebar
• Spring Operated Boltwork Detent System
• Optional 3-way Boltwork
• 1-1/2″ Diameter Chrome Plated Solid Steel Locking Bolts
• Vertical Height Adjustable Hinges
• Tri-Spoke Handle
• Heavy Duty Pull Handle
• Three (3) High Strength Adjustable Shelves with Powder Coated Finish
• Proudly Made in the USA

Optional Features

• Three (3) Way Active Boltwork
• Auxiliary Key Lock
• Additional Spring-Loaded Relock Device
• High Security Tempered Glass Relock Mechanism


• 1 Year Parts and Labor


At nearly 80” tall the CF7236 TL-30 is a BAD ASS safe! When you need maximum capacity for high value assets there is no better safe. With 60+ years safe building expertise American Security Products (AMSEC) has refined their top of the line safe. Made in the USA by local workers committed to building the best safe in the world, you can be sure this is a quality product. Lock’em up and walk away worry free.

The CF7236 is UL certified for commercial grade TL-30 burglar protection. This is the security used by many jewelry stores and coin dealers. The TL-30 rating is achieved by resisting attack by professional safe technicians when using sledgehammers, pick axes, crow bars, pry bars, chisels, grinders, power saws, carbide drills, pressure applying devices and abrasive cutting wheels for a net working time of 30 minutes.

American Security’s AMVAULT safes, including the CF7236, are factory tested for 2 hours of fire protection. The interior of these safes stay under 350⁰F for at least 2 hours with external temperatures up to 1850⁰F. This doesn’t mean that the contents of the safe begin to melt or catch on fire at the 2 hour mark, that is the point where the interior temperature is likely to begin creeping up over the 350⁰F mark. Many of the items we store in safes are fine well above 350⁰F.

The door of any safe is the focal point of security, the most likely place the safe will be attacked. With that in mind the door of the CF7236 is built tank strong with over all thickness of 6” including a 3” defense barrier of outer and inner steel plates creating a single structure enclosing a unique, high density fire and burglar resistant composite material. The defense barrier houses a proprietary amalgamation of nuggets, steel baffles and rebar designed to withstand concentrated attacks with the most sophisticated equipment used by burglars today.

The body of the CF7236 is built tough as well. It is a formed body with total protective thickness of 3-1/2” enclosing a high density fire resistant composite material with nuggets and steel fibers. The door frame is reinforced and drill resistant protecting the door and each individual bolt changer from severe side attacks.

If you are in the market for high quality burglar and fire resistive safe and especially if you are looking to get insurance on the contents, the CF7236 is a safe you should seriously consider.

Give us a call today! One of our expert Safe Consultants would be glad to help you select just the right safe for your needs.

Int. Dimensions: 72″H x 36″W x 23″D
Ext. Dimensions: 79″H x 43″W x 32.5″D
Cubic Foot Capacity: 34.5
Weight: 4426 lbs.
Burglar Rating: TL-30
Fire Rating: 2 hour 1850⁰F
Locking Bolts: 5
Shelves: 4


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