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AMSEC UBS648 Under Bed Gun Safe | Home Defense Safe

Price : Original price was: $935.00.Current price is: $654.50.

None Eva-dry Dehumidifier E-333 +$35.00 Eva-dry Dehumidifier E-500 +$46.00 12" Electric Dehumidifier Rod DH-12 +$35.00

Standard Features
• Quick-access drop down door
• Foam padded slide-out gun tray
• Electronic lock (ESL5LP) with backlit keypad
• 18 gauge & 7 gauge steel construction
• 4-point locking bar
• 4 mounting holes on the top and bottom walls
• Side handles with cutouts to attach straps or security cables
• Flashlight clip and flashlight
• Color: Textured Black

• Outside Dimensions: 6.00″ H x 48.00″ W x 14.63″ D
• Inside Dimensions: 3.50″ H x 44.50″ W x 13.63″ D
• Interior Cubic Feet: 1.23
• Door Clearance: 13.00″ H x 44.50″ W
• Door Thickness: 1.50″
• Body Thickness: 0.75″
• Weight: 80 Pounds
• Lock Type: ESL5LP


Looking for peace of mind as you fall asleep at night? Securely storing your home defense weapon conveniently under your bed with AMSEC’s UBS648 Under Bed Safe is the perfect solution.

American Security’s New Under Bed Safe (UBS648) has been drastically improved since the development of the original Defense Vault (DV652). Still a secure and easy-to-conceal security container for gun storage, the UBS648 features an ultra slim profile just six inches tall, able to fit under most beds. The UBS648’s new centrally located digital keypad and tilt-out tray design makes accessing contents even easier.

With room for a couple rifles and handguns the UBS648 will have you prepared. The ESL5 digital lock with illuminated keypad allows quick and easy access even in the dark. Enter the code and slide out the four-point locking bar to access your weapons securely stored and protected in the padded drawer.The ESL5 digital lock is UL listed demonstrating the reliable security it provides.

With such a convenient location the UBS648 Under Bed Safe isn’t limited to just securing firearms. It’s a great place to secure other valuables as well.

The UBS648 under bed safe has pre-drilled mounting holes on top and bottom making it possible to secure the safe under your bed, on the floor, or undermounted to your bed frame or other surface. No worries about it being stolen or pushed under too far for convenient access.


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