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Casoro C34 – Most Popular Jewelry Safe with Drawers

Price : $6,199.00

Black Textured Parchment Textured White Textured
Chrome Brass
Electronic Keypad - Most Popular Mechanical Dial Biometric Keypad +$875.00
Curly Maple Walnut

Trustworthy burglar and fire protection verified by Underwriter’s Laboratories, nationally recognized independent testing agency. Luxurious drawers for secure, organized storage.

• UL rated RSC, TL15 or TL30 burglar protection
• 1 or 2 hour fire protection if desired
• Door composed of 1/2″ steel plate and lightweight concrete for fire protection
• Body constructed of two layers 11-gauge steel and lightweight concrete for fire protection
• UL rated High Security Lock, Digital, Mechanical or Biometric fingerprint reader
• Textured paint, Black, White or Parchment
• Chrome or Brass Trim
• Curly Maple or Walnut drawers
• 4, 7 or 11 drawer interior configuration, or customized to your needs
• Optional Necklace Rack(s)
• Optional LED Lighting
• Optional programmable Watch Winders


The JS-C34 Jewelry Safe offers a luxurious, unique design that combines all the security features of a burglary and fire safe with a beautifully appointed jewelry cabinet inside.

The standard configuration includes a 4-drawer cabinet leaving plenty of space for other valuables. Alternatively, this safe can be upgraded to a 7-drawer or 11-drawer cabinet, the latter of which fills the safe.

To get an idea of the use of interior space, see the Standard Drawer Configurations viewable in PDFs below. The Optional Drawer Interiors, see PDF below, are very popular for organizing and protecting jewelry inside the drawers.

The JS-C34 comes in three security options, each certified for burglary protection by Underwriters Labs (UL). Security levels include Residential, Commercial without fire protection and Commercial with 2-Hr fire protection. Fire protection is verified as well.

There are three options for locks, each rated “high security” by UL, the most popular digital lock, the mechanical combination lock or for a bit more money the biometric or fingerprint reading lock. Necklace Racks on the door interior are an optional feature that can be added for a small up charge.

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General Specifications
RSC / B-Rate
Ext. Dim.: 40″ H x 22″ W x 24″ D *
Weight: 730 lbs.
Fire Rating: 1 Hour
Specifications & Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

TL15 Stealth
Ext. Dim.: 42″ H x 19″ W x 22.5″ D*
Weight: 680 lbs.
Fire Rating: N/A
Specifications & Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

TL30 2-Hour Fire
Ext. Dim.: 41″ H x 25″ W x 28″ D*
Weight: 1,555 lbs.
Fire Rating: 2 Hour
Specifications and Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

Interior Specifications
Standard Drawer Configurations
Optional Drawer Interiors


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