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Casoro C60 – Large Jewelry Safe with Drawers

Price : $10,299.00

Select Standard or Deep if you selected RSC above.

Black Textured Parchment Textured White Textured
Chrome Brass
Electronic Keypad - Most Popular Mechanical Dial Biometric Keypad +$875.00
Curly Maple Walnut

Trustworthy burglar and fire protection verified by Underwriter’s Laboratories, nationally recognized independent testing agency. Luxurious drawers for secure, organized storage.

• UL rated RSC, TL15 or TL30 burglar protection
• 1 or 2 hour fire protection if desired
• Door composed of 1/2″ steel plate and lightweight concrete for fire protection
• Body constructed of two layers 11-gauge steel and lightweight concrete for fire protection
• UL rated High Security Lock, Digital, Mechanical or Biometric fingerprint reader
• Textured paint, Black, White or Parchment
• Curly Maple or Walnut drawers
• 4, 7 or 11 drawer interior configuration, or customize to your needs
• Space efficient full-width drawers or narrower drawers with room for adjustable shelves or rifles on the side
• Optional LED Lighting
• Optional Necklace Panel
• Optional programmable watch winders


The JS-C60 Jewelry Safe is the largest in our Classic Collection of jewelry safes. First and foremost, it provides excellent burglar and if desired, fire protection. You choose if you want residential level security with 2 hours of fire or commercial protection, the same quality as jewelry stores, with or without fire protection.

The large size of this safe means it has plenty of room for a significant jewelry and watch collection as well as other valuables. It provides the convenience of jewelry drawers at chest height, with black velvet drawer interiors customized to protect and organize your jewelry. We have 3 larger sizes available as well, just call or email and ask for more information.

Customize your safe by selecting the 24″ or 29″ depth, the exterior color and hardware, style of high security lock and the type of hardwood interior.

The 29″ depth is a great value offering 20% additional interior space for a small price upgrade. Before ordering this option be sure to carefully measure the location you have in mind for the safe to ensure there is room for this extra depth.

The safe comes standard with four 17″ wide drawers to allow the most storage possible in each drawer. These full width drawers use the interior space of the safe more efficiently but require the safe door to be opened nearly 180⁰. If the door can only open to 90⁰, such as when the safe is placed in a corner, a narrower drawer option of 12.5″ is also available.

Jewelry chests of either width can have 4, 7 or 11 drawers, or be custom designed with any number of drawers to your specific requirements. See the drop down list for pricing of the most popular drawer options.

Each safe carries a UL label verifying the security it provides. The most popular residential security level has the UL Residential Security Container (RSC) label and a 120 Minutes Fire certificate from ETL. Independent verification of both the burglar and fire resistance give you the confidence you need.

If you would like to dress the Classic up, check out our Casoro Ruby.

General Specifications:
RSC / B-Rate – Standard Depth
Ext. Dim.: 59.5″ H x 30″ W x 24″ D *
Weight: 970 lbs.
Fire Rating: 2 Hour
Specifications & Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

RSC / B-Rate – Extra Deep
Ext. Dim.: 59.5″ H x 30″ W x 29″ D *
Weight: 1090 lbs.
Fire Rating: 2 Hour
Specifications & Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

TL15 Stealth
Ext. Dim.: 61″ H x 26″ W x 22.5″ D *
Weight: 990 lbs.
Fire Rating: N/A
Specifications & Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

TL30 2-Hour Fire
Ext. Dim.: 67″ H x 32″ W x 28″ D*
Weight: 2,900 lbs.
Fire Rating: 2 Hour
Specifications and Drawings
* Depth includes handle, dial and hinge projection.

Interior Specifications:
Standard Drawer Configurations
Optional Drawer Interiors
Optional Drawer Interiors – 29″ Deep


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