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Vaultek SL-VMU Universal Car Mount

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Slider Series Universal Rail Car Mount
Designed for universal vehicle applications.
• A truly universal single strap system provides a simple and well integrated solution.
• Works with all Slider Series Safes and allows safe to be mounted behind the passenger’s front seat for concealed placement, and is quickly accessible from the driver’s position.
• Included security cable secures the safe while inside the vehicle to prevent common smash and grabs.
• Includes a new mounting plate to work with the single strap system.

Included Components
• Mounting plate, strap with ratchet, and security cable

Safe Compatibility: Vaultek Slider Series safes only


The Vaultek SL-VMU is a universal car mount for the Vaultek Slider Series Pistol Safes. It features an integrated security cable that attaches to the mounting plate which keeps the entire system on lock. To remove the safe is simple. Once the car mount is installed, your Slider Series safe easily removes and installs from the mounting plate.

Included with the Vaultek SL-VMU is a security cable, single strap with rachet and mounting plate.

Included in this kit is a mounting plate adapter, 2 rail adapters, and hardware.

Safe Compatibility: Vaultek Slider Series safes only


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