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AMSEC BFS4520E1 – Best Large Home Safe – 1 Hour Fire Resistant

Price : Original price was: $3,665.00.Current price is: $2,759.00.

None Eva-dry Dehumidifier E-333 +$35.00 Eva-dry Dehumidifier E-500 +$46.00 12" Electric Dehumidifier Rod DH-12 +$35.00 18" Electric Dehumidifier Rod DH-18 +$40.00
Standard Features:
  • ETL Verified Fire protection of 1700 degrees F for 60 minutes
  • UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification
  • 1/2″ solid steel plate door
  • Handsome two-toned black and gray textured finish
  • Lifetime fire warranty
  • Lock: ESL10XL Digital Electronic Lock
  • Spring-loaded re-locker
  • 4-way active bolt work or 10 active bolts
  • 2.31″ double wall steel construction
  • Door thickness: 1-1/2″
  • One anchor hole with hardware
  • Unique fire resistant barrier
  • Outside Dimensions: 49.88″ H x 25.13″ W x 25.75″ D
  • Inside Dimensions: 45.25″ H x 20.38″ W x 18.81″ D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 10.04
  • Weight: 792 Pounds
  • Shelves: 3 steel adjustable shelves


Introducing the AMSEC BFS4520E1 Large Burglary and Fire Safe – Unmatched Protection with Unbeatable Value

Discover AMSEC’s newest economical large burglar and fire safe – the AMSEC BFS4520E1. This safe offers all the exceptional features found in more expensive models but at an unbeatable price. Safeguard your crucial documents and valuables from burglary and fire with the AMSEC BFS4520E1 Large Burglary and Fire Safe.

Unparalleled Fire and Burglary Protection: As the largest model in the series, the AMSEC BFS4520E1 is built to impress. It boasts ETL-verified fire protection tested at outside temperatures of 1700 degrees F for up to 60 minutes, with the inside temperature remaining below 350 degrees F. Additionally, it holds a prestigious UL Residential Security Container (RSC) Burglary Classification. The door features a solid 1/2″ steel plate with an overall thickness of 1-1/2″, while the body incorporates a robust 2.31″ double-wall steel construction. With ten four-way active bolts and four deadbolts on the hinge side, this safe offers superior resistance against pry attacks.

Advanced ESL10XL Digital Electronic Lock: The AMSEC BFS4520E1 includes an ESL10XL Digital Electronic Lock at no extra cost, providing convenience and security. Easily program your unique 6-digit combination and modify it whenever you wish. For enhanced functionality, upgrade to the ESL20XL Multi-User Digital Lock, offering up to 9 user codes, dual control mode, and time delay functionality. The ESL10XL lock has been subjected to rigorous testing by Underwriters Labs, earning its Type 1 high-security rating. Visual and audible feedback ensure easy operation, even in low-light conditions. To deter unauthorized access, the lock activates a 15-minute penalty lockout after multiple incorrect entries.

Spacious Interior and Elegant Design: Inside the AMSEC BFS4520E1, you’ll find three adjustable steel shelves, providing optimal organization for your valuables. Its exterior dimensions of 49.88″ H x 25.13″ W x 25.75″ D make it suitable for installation in closets or basements, while offering ample interior storage space of 10.04 cubic feet. Weighing 792 pounds, this safe exudes solidity and durability.

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