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AMSEC BWB2020FLNL Wide Body Depository Safe – On Sale!

Price : Original price was: $3,710.00.Current price is: $2,597.00.


Standard Features

• Massive 1/2″ Thick A36 Solid Steel Plate
• UL Listed Mechanical or Electronic Lock
• 3-way Locking Mechanism Consisting of Five 1″ Diameter Chromed Steel Locking Bolts
• Bolt Detent System Engages Boltwork Automatically
• Locks & Relocks Protected by a Large Carburized Hardplate
• Auxiliary Spring-Loaded Relocking Devices
• Door-Mounted Coin Rack

• Wide for Cash Drawer Storage
• Formed High Tensile Steel Body and Jamb
• Reinforced Internal Jambs on all Four Sides

Front Load Depository Features
• Recessed heavy duty 1/8” Construction with 1/8” Door
• Wide for Large Packages
• Protected by Dual Anti-fish Baffles


• 1 Year Parts & Labor


Need help understanding this long-winded model number? In order the BWB2020FLNL represents the features of the this safe, B-rate, wide-body, external dimensions without the drop are approximately 20×20, includes a front loading hopper and no (internal) locker. Please note, the photo shown is the BWB2020FL with locker, the BWB2020FLNL would NOT have the internal locker. With nearly 20” of vertical space below the drop this is a good choice for a receiving and collecting a significant number of large packages between pick ups.

The BWB2020FLNL is a wide body safe that includes a full-width hopper for convenient front loading of large packages, up to 4” x 9” x 11-1/2”. The wide body chest below has room for cash trays right out of the register. Incorporate this safe into your cash management procedures and keep profits where they should be rather than watching them slip away to burglary or internal theft.

The BWB2020FLNL is an excellent example of American Security Products’ (AMSEC) safe design know-how. With 60+ years in the security business they have put countless hours into designing just the right safes to support best practices in cash management.

AMSEC has constructed the BWB2020FLNL heavy duty with a ½” solid steel plate door coupled with a three-way active locking mechanism consisting of five 1” solid steel active locking bolts and three dead bolts. Add to that the bolt detent system, large carburized hardplate and relocking device providing excellent protection from any would-be burglar. The body is built strong with A36 solid steel plate “B” Rate construction to maximize protection against pry attack. The internal jambs are reinforced on all four sides to provide protection against sledge hammer attack.
The BWB2020FLNL’s front
load depository is recessed to protect against pry attack and is built with heavy duty 1/8” steel. Maximum capacity of the hopper is 4” x 9” x 11-1/2”. Access is protected by dual anti-fish baffles.

The BWB2020FLNL can be configured with your choice of locks. Choose one for each door, a traditional mechanical tumbler style, single user electronic, multi-user electronic or redundant lock. We like the Electronic Lock for ease of use and ability to change the combination at will without involving a locksmith. If this is for business purposes you may find the Multi-user ESL20XL Electronic valuable as it allows time delay, multiple users and dual control. The Redundant Lock is convenient if the battery runs out and you don’t have a replacement handy the safe can be opened with the mechanical dial.

AMSEC includes pre-drilled bolt down holes and it is important they are used. While 260 lbs. may sound like a lot, but the BWB2020FLNL can be picked up and carried out! Be sure to bolt the safe down to something permanent, ideally a concrete slab.

The BWB2020FLNL is high quality depository safe, an excellent choice for a business that handles cash. Order on line or give us a call to get more information from a Safe Expert! 800.538.0600

AMSEC depository safes are recommended for any operation that requires a non-returnable deposit such as armored car companies, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. The top locker is not meant for overnight storage of cash or valuables.


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