AMSEC FS149E5LP - 1 Hr Fire Safe with Best Digital Lock


AMSEC FS149E5LP – 1 Hr Fire Safe with Best Digital Lock

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Standard Features

• 1-Hr U.L. listed fire rating at 1700⁰F
• ESL5 push button lock for fast and easy entry codes
• Set your own code and change as desired
• Two 1/2-inch steel deadbolts prevents door removal during a forced entry attempt
• Impressive 1/2-inch thick door
• Ball bearing hinges for ease of operation
• Attractive two-toned grey/black finish
• One sliding tray
• Four removable rubber feet

ESL5LP Lock Features

• Illuminated keypad,
• Confirmation beep and flash from every keystroke,
• Ability to put in silent mode for stealth access,
• 15-minute penalty lockout after four incorrect entries,
• Code storage and processing occurs in the electronics inside the safe to prevent decoding or manipulation of the lock,
• Factory reset code for resolving lost combinations.


Most of us have critical documents like birth certificates, passports and pink slips that would be a total pain to replace if they burned up in a fire. We recommend the FS149E5LP and the other sizes in AMSEC’s FS Series as a must consider option for this requirement.

The FS149E5LP is an economical solution for fire protection and light burglar protection in the convenient size and shape of a small microwave oven turned on its side. This safe is UL listed for 1-Hour fire with internal temperature staying below 350°F. The FS149E5LP carries a UL listed Type 1 high security lock that stands head and shoulders above the locks on other safes in its class.

Watch out for safes in big box stores with cheap locks that can be opened with magnets or by dropping the safe as you may have seen in videos. You can’t get a better solution than a FS149E5LP for a low cost fire and burglary safe.

To qualify as a UL Type 1 lock the ESL5LP lock offers a number of valuable features. It is designed with a minimum of 1,000,000 (one million) possible combinations. The batteries are stored in the keypad on the outside of the safe so you can conveniently change them when the safe door is closed. Your code is stored in non-volatile memory on the inside of the safe so it won’t be lost when the lock loses power. The code is also processed in electronics inside the safe to prevent decoding or manipulation. The ESL5LP also meets a variety of durability requirements of at Type 1 lock to ensure the lock will continue to function even with a certain amount of rough handling and in less than ideal environments. All these features aid in reliability and prevention of accidental lock outs.

Int. Dim.: 18-1/4" H x 13-1/8" W x 12-3/8" D
Ext. Dim.: 25-5/8" H x 18-7/8" W x 18-1/2" D + 2” for handle
Cubic Inch Capacity: 2,964
Weight: 164 lbs.
Fire Rating: 1 hour 350°F
Dead Bolts: 2
Bolt Diameter: 1/2"
Door Thickness: 1/2"


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