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LED Light Kit 36″

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  • HIWL120 LED AC power light kit with built-in motion sensor
  • Two 36″ light strips with 120 high-intensity white LED lights
  • Motion sensor that automatically turns itself on when motion is detected and turns itself off 30 seconds after you leave the area.
  • Can be installed on any larger safe.
  • LED Light Kit can also be installed in any safe with available AC power.
  • Heavy duty 3M tape to adhere to any surface.


Super bright light that fits most safes. Allows you to see the inside of your safe even in a dark room. Bright light that you can keep hidden, yet illuminates the deepest nooks and crannies of the biggest safes.

The AMSEC HIWL120 Light Retrofit Kit is a great addition to your gun safe. Kit includes two 36″ 120 high-intensity LED strips. Features a built-in motion sensor so when you open the door, the lights turn on, when you shut the door, they turn off 30 seconds after no motion is detected. The included A/C power cord is six feet long. Each light strip has heavy-duty 3M tape on the back which will stick to any safe surface. The two strips plug into the sensor box, as does the power supply jack. The sensor box also adheres to any surface of the safe. If you have a safe with AC outlets already inside, simply plug in the light kit.

Add the AMSEC LED power light kit and see your safe in a whole new light!


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