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SF6030E5 Gun Safe by AMSEC – Burglar + 60 Minute Fire

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• 3/16”-Thick Steel Plate Door
• High Security E5 Digital Lock with Illuminated Keypad
• Drill Resistant Hardplate
• External Spring-Loaded Relocking Device
• Four-Way Bolt Work
• 12-Gauge steel body
• 14 1¼” Chrome Plated Bolts
• Slip Clutch to Prevent Excessive Torque Attack
• 4 Pre-Cut Anchor Holes

• 60-Minute Intertek Verified Fire Rating
• Lined with Two Layers of Drywall
• Dual Door Seals to Protect Against Fire and Smoke

• UL Listed ESL5 Electronic Lock with Illuminated Keypad
• Industry’s Most Flexible Interior
• Premium Door Organizer
• Storage for Two Long Guns or Assault Rifles on Door

• 1 Year Parts and Labor
• No Cost Lifetime Warranty for Burglary and Fire

• Weight: 608 lbs
• Inside Dimensions: 54.5″H x 26.5″W x 19.875″D
• Outside Dimensions: 59″H x 30″W x 26″D
• Clear Door: 51.5″H x 22.5″W
• Cubic Inches: 28,704


The SF6030E5 Gun Safe by AMSEC has value written all over it. We like the combination of size and protection. This mid-sized gun safe gives you 40% more secure space than the SF6032E5 at a minimal upgrade cost. And, this safe provides more protection than others in its class.

We like the SF6030E5 for the extra steel in the door. Doors are the most frequently attacked part of the safe so AMSEC has beefed up the doors of all their gun safes for your protection. The SF Series has a 3/16”-thick steel plate door, as compared to most safes in this class that have a 12-gauge door. For comparison sake it helps to know that 3/16” is equivalent to 7-gauge, the smaller number gauge represents thicker steel.

The SF6030E5 Gun Safe comes standard with AMSEC’s UL Listed E5 electronic lock. Digital locks have become by far the most popular safe locks due to their ease of use and convenience. You set your own combination and can change it at any time. This lock is back lit making it easy to use in the dark as well. The U.L. listing is very important; this internationally recognized independent testing agency has given their stamp of approval confirming the high security this lock provides. Any lock with a backup key will not meet this criterion due to the additional point of vulnerability. The E5 lock is powered by a single 9-volt battery located in the keypad of the safe for easy replacement when the safe door is closed. Battery life is typically one year but varies based on use.

Fire protection is another strong point of the FV6030E5. This safe is certified by ETL-Intertek for 60-minutes of fire protection. These days most of us live in near a fire station such that 60 minutes is adequate protection. When comparing safes based on fire protection be sure to look for independent verification of the ratings. Many safe manufacturers don’t get their safes independently tested leaving actual performance in question. Don’t take the manufacturer’s word for it, look for independent confirmation.

We can help get the safe to you as well. Call us at (714)550-4123 or (800)550-4123 with the model number and zip code and we will shop freight to get you the best price. In the Southern California area our crew can deliver and install your safe right into your home or place of business. It pays to hire a professional, you may save a few bucks up front and end up spending even more in chiropractic care! Give us a call.


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