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AMSEC C3 American Security Floor Safe – Maximum Security Safes

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AMSEC C3 Floor Safe Standard Features

• STAR tube safes have been the standard for gas stations, fast food, small retail establishments and home owners for over 50 years.
• When properly installed in concrete, STAR® FLOOR SAFES provide maximum fire and burglary protection.

• 1-3/4″ solid steel “C” rate lift-out door
• Manipulation resistant, unitized U.L. Group II key changeable lock protected by a revolving carburized hardplate.
• Removable dial and drive/drill resistant spindle preventing damage from burglary attack and additional protection from hold-up.
• Door is securely locked by three bolts each requiring over 25,000 pounds to shear.
• Each locking bolt has its own hardened steel positive relocking bolt.
• Water resistant, high impact molded dust cover with rubber “O”-ring seal does not rattle or slide like most covers.

• Heavy “B” rate construction
• Convenient 7-1/4″ clear opening

1 Year Parts and Labor


AMSEC Star C3 – Small Floor Tube Safe

The C3 is a “C” rate Star in-floor tube safe. These safes have been a staple at gas stations, fast food stores, retail outlets and homes for more than 70 years. The Star tube safes provide reliable, discrete protection from both burglary and when properly installed, fire.

Floor safes, including the model C3, are designed to provide discrete security. These safes are installed in the floor, out of sight of burglars and visitors of all kinds. With in-floor installation these safes are a space saving solution as well. No need to take up floor space just install in ground and cover with carpet or a rug and use the space as you desire.

The C3 is a step above most floor safes with its “C” rate door and “B” rate tubular body. Floor safes are typically security rated either Class B or Class C based on the thickness of steel with C-rate being a step above B-rate. Designation as C-rate requires a steel door of at least 1” and B-rate a steel door of less than 1”. The thicker the steel the longer it would take to get into the safe.

The locking mechanism on the C3 is a manipulation resistant, unitized key changeable mechanical lock that is protected by a revolving carburized hardplate. This lock has a removable dial allowing you to put the dial in a separate hidden location making it nearly impossible to defeat the lock. Add to that a drill and drive resistant spindle and three locking bolts each requiring over 25,000 pounds to shear.

The door of the C3 is securely held in place by three solid steel locking bolts each requiring over 25,000 pounds to shear. And, each bolt is backed up by a hardened steel positive relocking bolt. With all this security built into the safe you can rest and travel with complete peace of mind. With all this security built into the safe you can rest and travel with complete peace of mind.

Proper installation of floor safes involves encasing the safe in concrete below floor level. Once installed the C3 has a high impact plastic cover plate with a rubber ring that holds it snuggly in place and resists water. Still, we recommend moisture sensitive items be sealed in Ziplock bags or air tight plastic storage containers. This protects in the case of water coming in from above as well as any humidity that may build up when the safe is sealed for long periods of time.

There is lots to think about when selecting the best safe for your needs. Give us a call, our Safe Experts are happy to take time with you on the phone to answer any questions and help ensure you get a safe that will provide the protection you are seeking. 800.538.0600


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