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AMSEC IRC916E – Residential and Hotel In-Room Electronic Safe

Price : Original price was: $510.00.Current price is: $369.00.

None Eva-dry Dehumidifier E-333 +$35.00

AMSEC IRC916E Standard Features

• Heavy duty steel construction offers excellent burglary protection.
• Convenient motorized locking system, incorporating the latest technology.
• Easy to read, large LED display lets you know the status of the safe.
• Reliable ADA approved keypad.
• 4 to 6 digit combination, standard hotel room configuration (customer sets new combination every time safe is used, quickly and easily), or electronic credit card.
• Lock-out penalty if the combination is entered wrong, the safe will lock up for 5 minutes, frustrating the would-be burglar.
• Emergency key-lock override system with 2 keys.
• Spacious interior fits tablets and most lap top computers.
• Two anchor holes with mounting hardware included.
• Attractive carpeted bottom hides anchor bolts.
• Electrostatic powder-coated finish in textured black.
• Guest instruction label included.
• Packaged for UPS shipment.


• 1 Year Parts and Labor


AMSEC IRC916E In-Room Electronic Safe

The IRC916E is a high quality burglar safe loaded with practical features for both home and commercial use. Originally designed for guests of hotels and inns it has also become a popular home safe. The convenient size fits easily in closets or furniture it does an excellent job of securing laptops, cameras, jewelry and other valuables.

Constructed of heavy duty steel the IRC916E provides reliable security when bolted to a solid anchor. It has a convenient motorized locking system incorporating the latest technology. The lock is operated in guest mode, with a 4-6 digit combination easily set every time the safe is used, or controlled by a credit card swipe. Either way, if a wrong combination or card is entered multiple times the safe goes into lock out mode for 15 minutes thwarting any would-be burglar.

The IRC91E has a large easy to read LED that communicates the safe’s status. It is powered by 4 AA batteries. Should the batteries expire unexpectedly the safe has a by-pass power box with a 9-volt battery allowing access to the safe with external power. If all else fails the safe also comes with an emergency key-lock override system with a set of two keys.

In a hospitality setting security personnel appreciate the IRC916E’s electronic override allowing access if a guest has locked up the safe. For further security there is an option for a hand-held programming devise that offers and audit trail and electronic override.

There is lots to think about when selecting the best safe for your needs. Give us a call, our Safe Experts are happy to take time with you on the phone to answer any questions and help ensure you get a safe that will provide the protection you are seeking. Call 800.538.0600.


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