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12″ Dri-Rod Electric Dehumidifier

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  • 12″ long dehumidifier rod
  • Great for a small to medium safe
  • Made in USA!
  • Lifetime Warranty!
  • Comes with the plug disconnected so you can feed the wire through the hole in your safe
  • Use indoors, not meant for outdoor use
  • Do not immerse the unit, plug or cord in water, or spray with liquids
  • Mounting screws and brackets included
  • Model: DH-12


The 12″ Dri-Rod Electric Dehumidifier constantly guards your valuables against the threat of rust, pitting and moisture damage. Electrical access is required.

Safes provide the perfect environment for mold. To prevent this, constant air circulation or moisture absorption is necessary.

The dehumidifying rod works off of a simple technique. The rod heats up to a surface temperature of 125 degrees F and circulates warm air throughout the enclosure. This causes the warm air to rise, and the cool air to drop creating the constant air circulation. It dries out any moist air in the safe and keeps your valuables protected for years and years to come.

Installation is extremely easy as you can simply place it horizontally on the bottom of your safe or closet. For maximum results, mount it on the side wall 6-8 inches from the floor. Mounting brackets and screws are included in the package.

It’s Proudly Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty!


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